The Value of Premium Exhibitor Profiles in Event Mobile Apps

July 16, 2019

Premium exhibitor profiles are a valuable tool within your event technology solution. Frankly, if your solution doesn’t offer an option for premium exhibitor profiles, it may be time to look for a new one. This is because your event may be missing out on thousands in unrecognized revenue from the sale of these digital add-ons.  

First, what is a premium exhibitor profile? It is an upgraded profile for companies who are exhibiting at your event and it provides deeper insight than a traditional option. Your event may have a printed show program for their attendees. Within that show program, you may offer exhibitors the ability to upgrade their profile, purchase ad space and be placed in premium locations within that guide. With the shift to digital, these profiles have migrated to an online home. Attendees can easily search and explore different exhibitors, all from your event website. 

First Impressions Matter

The digital profile is typically the first interaction a prospective attendee will have with an exhibitor. It allows an organization to share their unique value proposition, and detail the breadth and depth of their solutions and offerings. And, it’s a great way to make a strong first impression and provide a compelling reason why attendees should stop by the organization’s booth and visit with the team. 

If an exhibitor’s digital profile fails to attract potential leads, attendees may be less likely to visit their booth onsite. If this is a prospective attendee, it is highly unlikely you will convert them to an onsite attendee. A premium exhibitor profile enables your exhibitors to drive interest in their solutions and differentiate themselves from other organizations at the conference or trade show.

This is not a one-size-fits-all process. Your organization should have its own approach to developing a strategy for premium exhibitor profiles that meets your event needs and goals – this is the core concept behind a premium exhibitor profile. Exhibitors that pay to play and/or pay more should receive additional benefits such as the ability to add unique digital assets to help them stand out above the rest. Consider creating options in a tiered system for premium exhibitor profiles that can fit various budgets and needs, while increasing your PEP adoption.   

Reevaluate Your Mobile App

So, we’ve reviewed the value of premium exhibitor profiles and the concepts that drive exhibitor adoption. Now, let’s look at another way that digital profiles and exhibitor profiles can further increase value. Consider replacing your show guide with your mobile app to drive further engagement with exhibitor booth profiles. By adding another medium of distribution for exhibitor profiles, show organizers increase the value of their offering and exhibitors gain another opportunity for exposure. 

One major challenge to replacing the guide with the mobile app is a concern for adoption rates. Average adoption rates of mobile apps are typically around 30-40 percent. However, by increasing the available and relevant content on your mobile app with premium exhibitor profiles, attendees have another reason to download and use the app on-site.  

That’s where the power of premium exhibitor profiles lie. Your event site and mobile app experiences should help guide the attendee throughout the event. If you sell one tier of your premium exhibitor profile for $300, add another tier for those profiles that live in your mobile app. Instead of having a title sponsor for your mobile app, sell your app as you would a printed guide that you previously used. Sell ad space, sell enhanced listings and provide your exhibitors with the additional exposure and value they are seeking all at the fingertips of your attendees. 

To learn more or discuss the best strategies to sell premium digital packages and boost your exhibitor’s online presence, take a look at our solutions for event professionals and show organizers.


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