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Show attendees and exhibitors celebrated fall fashion and the Game Day tradition at the June Atlanta Apparel Market. The Market mixed the fun of “game day” and tailgating with the fashion Market experience. There also were many familiar elements including fashion presentations, Daily Struts and a presentation of the Floor 5 Young Contemporary collection. June Atlanta Apparel continued the focus on fall, providing another look at seasonal introductions. Fashion presentations and Daily Struts showcased popular fall trends -- hacked, destroyed denim; shearling outerwear; wrap/knot belts; statement sleeves; pleated mini-skirts and fur -- while highlighting signature fall colors including red, green, gold, mustard and navy. The Thursday evening Game Day presentation focused on vintage and nostalgia themes while also mixing in contemporary lines. AmercasMart partnered with local companies to bring the Game Day experience to Market. Additionally, June Atlanta Apparel featured a strong accessories component.

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