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Trade show TalkTrade Show News Network is excited to launch the ‘Trade Show Talk’ podcast that will feature two episodes each month focusing on hot-button topics. Each episode will kick off with a news round up before host Megan Powers leads discussions with trade show and events industry leaders. If you'd like to be a guest or you have a topic to suggest that we cover, please let us know by emailing podcast@tsnn.com. If you would like to sponsor a podcast series, please contact jrice@tsnn.com or ashows@tarsusus.com

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Current Episode - Jan. 27, 2022 - Building a Career in Community with RD Whitney

Community is no longer just an entity. It is a career path, and RD Whitney helps us understand this deeply on this episode!

Online / virtual events are not a new concept and RD was involved in advancing them back in ‘07-’10. He fully believes it was the current pandemic that was the “slingshot” to show how important community is. Whether your events are online or in person, they are a catalyst to complement year-round communities for our audiences. 

And there’s now an institute for community professionals, thanks to RD. It’s a free “home” for these folks to stay in compliance and to learn how to do their jobs better! The notion that “community” is a career path is a reality, and this special guest is doing all he can to advance this path. 

RD builds and grows communities. He has successfully developed several Institutes creating a "home" for niche and evolving professions. For over 30 years RD has focused on creating communities that bring buyer and seller together through the gravity of professional training, events (f2f and virtual), online learning and education, peer learning and data. As the business model applies to almost any sector, RD has successfully developed media businesses in multiple global sectors through conferences, tradeshows, online training, virtual events, industry award programs, SAAS businesses, research, databases, validation, publishing, peer learning, online marketplaces, certification programs and sponsored/membership businesses.

RD has an impressive track record of building and growing professional community assets and recurring revenue businesses to quickly realize new value for members, vendors and investors.




Podcast Host: Megan Powers

Megan Powers

Megan Powers is a creator and strategist who thrives on helping people learn. She has spent the majority of her career working in meetings and events, primarily serving in planning, sales, and marketing roles. Working for software companies, in a venue, in event production, and then running her own marketing agency all served as a foundation for her latest venture. Starting this month she’s working for Event Marketing Partners as Senior Director, Corporate Event Marketing. 
Megan has loved hosting and producing podcasts since 2016–she thrives on hearing stories and lessons from guests who get us all thinking in a different way. Her podcast Making a Marketer has been going strong since 2017, and her newest show Trade Show Talk with TSNN is just getting underway! 


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