May 22, 2017

As a trade show organizer, you know the kind of attendee you want at your event: an influencer with buying power who actively participates and...




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]]>Why an Exhibitor Product Showcase Gallery is an Indispensable Part of Your Event Website]]>

Is your event website failing to generate enough repeat visits and continued engagement from your website visitors? If the answer is yes, chances are that the website is not providing them with the compelling interactive content and engaging experience that would give them a reason to stick around and keep coming back periodically to check what’s new.
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Las Vegas

Vegas Means Business

When planners come to Las Vegas they will find new excitement whichever way they go. The attractiveness of Vegas generates strong attendance for meetings. On average, attendance increases eight percent when conventions rotate into Vegas. It also delivers when a meeting calls for something extraordinary

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May 18, 2017 | Tim Jennings

My company has been providing shipping and transport cases for the trade show industry for many years. As such, we’ve operated out on the periphery, which has given us a unique perspective. We get a “big picture” view of industry movements and...

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NEW Inability to Attend Insurance Solves 30-Day Refund Rule

In response to client requests, ]]>Rainprotection Insurance]]> has developed a NEW “Inability to Attend” Insurance program. This innovative product enables conference organizers to keep 100% of registration & conference fees even if an attendee must cancel. Plus, attendees are insured for 100% of their conference fee should they need to cancel.

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