2015 third session of China (Shanghai) International Evaporation and Crystallization Technology and Equipment Exhibition

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Exhibition Introduction On October 24, 2014 second SHEC Shanghai international and domestic top quality evaporation crystallization exhibition has successfully concluded in Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing. The exhibition to double in size, the top exhibitors at home and abroad include Whiting, Swenson,GIG Karasek,AVA-HVEP, SSP PVT,Schrader,Ebner GmbH,Shenyang Blower,GEA,Howden Hua,Tuthill China,Jintongling, Turbovap, Leheng, Senon, Aquatech, Lanpec, Gaojie, Myande Group,Tianjin Blower,Beyond,Shuangliang,Precise,Grand,Changsha Blower,Trillion,Fuxi,Hecheng Pharmaceutical and so on gather in Shanghai. Focus on display and promotion for the elite and the end user in the evaporation crystallization industry. During the three-day exhibition 5972 professional audience can be collected from the exhibitors of new products, new technology, new achievements. The scene is so crowded, and the buyers and sellers have a strong negotiation atmosphere. Oct 21-23, 2015, the 3th China (Shanghai) International Evaporation and Crystallization Technology and Equipment Exhibition(SHEC) will be held in Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing. It is an only international and professional evaporation & crystallization exhibition, and it’s also one of main industry activities of carefully nurtured and recommended by the Evaporation and Crystallization Technology Professional Group of Technology and Equipment Office under China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation. It has been successfully held in Shanghai for two consecutive terms since 2013, and got consistent affirmation and positive comments from the industry and enterprises. SHEC is one of the professional exhibition activities which have a high industry influence and a certain international popularity on evaporation crystallization industry. The subject is “Focus on the environmental protection industry upgrade energy conservation industry development”. It will release the latest dynamic and show the current most advanced technologies and products on evaporation crystallization industry. Exhibition Highlights ◆ The only international exhibition on evaporation and crystallization industry; ◆ Interpretation of the industry's latest academic dynamic and innovative results; ◆ Sole a professional fair of evaporation and crystallization industry; ◆ Showing the latest products and technologies of evaporation and crystallization at home and abroad ; ◆ The best platform to promote key technology of water reuse and wastewater treatment. The target audience: Dealers and purchasers,from home and abroad, ranging from Chemical industry; Treatment industry of sewage and wastewater from environmental protection (coal chemical industry, electroplating and surface treatment industry, printing and dyeing industry, paper-making industry, gold metallurgical industry, rubber industry, cement industry, etc.); Food and beverage industry; pharmaceutical industry;Sugar and salt industry; Fermentation industry;Corn starch processing industry; Wine industry;Dairy industry;Essence; Seawater desalination and Garbage leachate. Coverage:  Evaporator: MVR evaporator, film evaporator, short film evaporator, scraper film evaporator, centrifugal film evaporator, climbing-falling film evaporator, film rotary evaporator, vacuum evaporator, external heating vacuum evaporator, external circulating vacuum evaporator, wastewater evaporator, graphite evaporator (heat exchanger), multiple-effect still, clean steam generation, steam ejector, Steam Injection heaters;vapor pump, evaporating crystallizer  Other evaporator: Evaporation station system, dual-purpose concentrators, glass liquor film evaporator, central circulating tube evaporator, suspension-frame type evaporator, Levin evaporator, forced circulation evaporator, concentrated evaporation equipment and external heating type evaporator  Various crystallizers: Vacuum crystallizers, concentrated crystallizing equipment, cooling crystallizing equipment, isoelectric point crystallizing equipment, vacuum crystallizing kettle, vertical crystallizing box, horizontal crystallizing box, and crystal agitating device  Distillation equipment: Molecular distillation equipment (falling film molecular distiller, scraper film type distilling device, centrifugal molecular distilling device), alcohol distillation equipment, essential oil distillation equipment, vacuum distilling device, steam distillation equipment, power distillation equipment and atmospheric distilling device  Exchangers Equipment: plate heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers, finned heat exchanger, spiral heat exchanger, corrugated tube heat exchanger, graphite heat exchanger, ceramic heat exchanger, high efficiency heat exchanger , heat exchanger units, radiators, heaters, heat exchangers, water cooler, metal fin radiators, heat exchangers,  all kinds of compressed air systems, equipment: all kinds of compressors, compressed air systems, compressed air purification equipment and devices; compressed air dryer (refrigeration dryer, adsorption dryer), precision filter compressed air, compressed air cylinders and other;  Drying equipment: rotary dryer, chain-layer type dryer, belt dryer, rotary flash dryer, paddle dryer and drum tube dryer  Wastewater treatment equipment, water purifying treatment equipment and seawater desalinating unit;  Agitating and mixing equipment;  Relevant evaporation and crystallization equipment: Separation filtration equipment, heat exchange and refrigeration equipment, cooling technology and equipment, condenser, compressor, concentration equipment, vacuum equipment, extraction equipment, extrusion and granulation equipment, purification equipment, fermentation and extraction equipment, laboratory and pilot test equipment, air preparation and treatment equipment, air separation and liquefying equipment, vessel, autoclave, tower, water treatment equipment, package, conveying, electric instrument, pump, valve and motor etc.; Details for participation ¬¬¬1. Booth costs and arrangement: Standard booth and raw space are available for this exhibition, for the participants to choose according to their demand. ★ Standard booth cost: Section A:2800 USD/standard booth (9m2 each); Section B: 11800 RMB/ standard booth (9m2 each); A standard booth includes carpet, 3-side walls, fascia board with company name, 1 information desk, two chairs, one fluorescent lamp, one power socket (please advise in advance for special power consumption, which will be charged separately). ★ Raw space cost: Section A: 280 USD /m2 (min. 18m2) Section B: 1100 RMB /m2 (min. 36m2); Raw space does not contain any racks and facilities. The participants can arrange special decoration on their own or authorize the construction company recommended by the organizer. ★ Booth arrangement: with the principle of “early registration, early payment, early arrangement”, the organizer will ultimately reserve the right to redeploy a few booths. 2. Conference arrangement: the organizer will send the Exhibitor Manual (about schedule, exhibit transportation, hotel reception, journal editing and booth construction etc.) to the participants by mail or E-mail 30 days before the show days. Undertaker: Shanghai Yihan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Address: Rm. 1705, Seat 2 Minfu Mansion,No 228 Xinjian Road,Shanghai,China. Zip code: 200110 Tel.: +86-13162805601 Fax: +86-21-60919309 Contact person: Eric Chen MP:86-13162805601 E-mail: yihanexpoeric@163.com

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