Finvest Global Summit 2020

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Welcome to Finvest, a Data Economy Live Event, the global flagship summit for finance, investment and site selection executives, location agencies, property specialists, and professional and legal intermediaries across datacenter, cloud and Edge computing

With the heritage of over a decade of producing finance and investment forums, BroadGroup is proud to host the Data Economy Finvest Global Summit for the first time in Zurich, a global city and one of the world’s largest financial centres.

The networking and knowledge sharing event attracts every year investors, private equity, hedge funds, bond specialists, pension funds, property specialists and bankers, as well as the IT infrastructure leadership of data centre, cloud, edge computing and telecoms businesses.

In addition to the Finvest Summit, Data Economy will also held for the second time the Finvest Awards. The accolades will celebrate the best of best in the industry from CFO Of The Year to Edge Investment, Global Financial Leader, Law Firm of the Year, M&A Of The Year, Bank of the Year and more.

Attendee information
  • DATA CENTRE, HYPERSCALE, CLOUD AND EDGE players and new market entrants
  • CARRIERS AND TELCOS wanting to harness cloud and edge opportunities
  • PRIVATE EQUITY INVESTORS looking to gain insight into the markets, players, opportunities and risks
  • LENDERS AND BONDS that supply capital to infrastructure service providers
  • M&A SPECIALISTS seeking to meet and network, and understand market potential and opportunity
  • REITs FIRMS seeking a global perspective of the data centre sector
  • REAL ESTATE AND FACILITY MANAGEMENT FIRMS to discern the challenges and opportunities of this complex asset class
  • SITE SELECTION EXECUTIVES to appraise the latest in location availability and deals
  • LOCATION AGENCIES to network with investors and enterprises
  • LEGAL AND REGULATORY INTERMEDIARIES to address the rapidly shifting legislative landscape of the sector
  • PROFESSIONAL ADVISORY FIRMS looking to meet and learn about new businesses as well as expand pool of knowledge
  • STARTUPS seeking seed funding in the IT infrastructure space

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