Homeland Security Week 2019

Protecting the Homeland: Detecting, Identifying & Mitigating Threats
2019-11-20 - 2019-11-22
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We are thrilled to invite you all to an exciting 14th annual Homeland Security Week 2019 (HSW). This year we are taking the event to the heart of downtown Washington D.C. at the Grand Hyatt Washington. With the rise of national security threats both domestic and foreign, forums like HSW play a vital role in acting as a catalyst that spurs partnerships, discussions and knowledge sharing between law enforcement agencies, industry and academia.

Homeland Security Week will bring together 50+ speakers and 350+ executives and attendees from DHS, local law enforcement, military, industry and academia from across the US to discuss the ever changing challenges & threats facing our borders, trade, critical infrastructures and local law enforcement. This year’s speaker faculty will cover the following key themes during their presentations, interactive discussion groups and panels:

Key themes running throughout the summit include:

  • Border Security
  • Various uses of biometric technologies
  • Cybersecurity threats and solutions
  • Protecting critical national infrastructures
  • Countering sUAS threats
  • Intelligence gathering and processing
  • Improving intelligence sharing among law enforcement agencies
  • Identifying key markers for radicalization
  • New solutions for first responders
  • Protecting cities from CBRN threats
  • Potential uses and threats posed by AI

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