Fern and NexxtShow Introduce 100-Percent Refund Policy for Exhibitor Cancellations

October 6, 2020

Cincinnati-based Fern and its sister company, NexxtShow, have eliminated service cancellation charges as part of an ongoing series of changes to the traditional exhibition services provider model. This change helps to simplify the relationship between Fern/NexxtShow and the exhibitor while easing the exhibitor's decision to commit to show participation, according to Fern CEO Aaron Bludworth.

As of Oct. 1, any exhibitor order placed with Fern or NexxtShow through their OneView exhibitor portal will be refunded 100 percent, should the exhibitor cancel services prior to seven days before show opening for any reason — no questions asked.

"With COVID-19’s unprecedented disruption to live events, our team decided to accelerate the implementation of this change,” said Bludworth. “The path back to in-person events requires flexibility by all stakeholders, from health and safety practices to methods of experience delivery and financial models. We are confident this new ordering policy will help give exhibitors the financial confidence to commit to shows, alleviating concerns about changing circumstances that could have resulted in burdensome costs."

The new refund policy furthers Fern’s and NexxtShow’s commitment to delivering exhibitor-friendly, personalized experiences. While cancellation charges were historically a tool to help providers plan and avoid incurring excess costs, the two companies have developed extensive national networks that will mitigate these costs.

“Fern has always been a leader in friendly exhibitor service and is culturally policy light,” added Bludworth. “This is formalizing what has often been our practice at the individual exhibitor level.”

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