How to Best Leverage Your Event Technology Provider for Success

November 5, 2019

Show organizers are always looking for new ways to grow their events and generate new revenue. Whether they’re innovating on their on-site experience, expanding their show digitally or tackling new verticals, it’s a revolving cycle of expansion. But, one of the most important and underused resources is your event technology provider. Not only your vendor, your event tech provider holds deep insight into your show and more importantly, the ability to help you improve it.  

Here are a few different ways your event technology provider can help you optimize your show and expand your potential revenue.

Expanded Analytics

Reporting capabilities are baked into most event technology programs, but working directly with your event technology provider can provide access to a deeper level of data. For instance, with Personify A2Z Events, event professionals can run strategic reports to pull in and contextualize year-over-year, multi-event data from multiple sources. This allows access to deeper acquisition and retention data, in addition to region-specific information about different show locations. Show organizers can use this knowledge to make decisions about your future locations, potential target audiences and specific attendee attractions presented by different venues.  

Revenue Generation

Turn your event technology into an investment for your show. You can optimize and grow traditional revenue streams like sponsorships and exhibit sales through the use of event technology and identify new revenue opportunities. Use your event technology providers’ knowledge to further improve these streams by implementing enhancements, such as new sponsorship conversion points at key locations throughout your online portals. 

You can also unlock new revenue streams, such as offering the option for sponsors to create premium profiles on your event websites with a wealth of content and graphics to boost traffic on-site. Your event technology should help you to develop new ways to both add value for your exhibitors, attendees and sponsors while increasing your bottom-line revenue. 

Industry Insight

Event technology providers have a pulse on the trade show industry and know how your partners and competitors are optimizing processes to scale their events. With a wealth of experience across various verticals, one of your most knowledgeable resources for implementing event ideas is your event tech provider. They also bring the technological expertise to help you create new strategies to drive attendee experiences by using the tools baked into your solution. And, as event technology experts, your provider should know how to help you achieve your goals within their system and how to automate reporting to share your success with your clients.

Ultimately, the most important thing show organizers can do is share their goals with their event technology provider. With insight into your show goals, event technology providers can provide insight into the implementation, operation and optimization strategy that will help you create an exceptional experience for your sponsors, exhibitors and attendees. They can work with you to create a configured solution that works to drive the most important parts of your event strategy, while continuing to grow your revenue.

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