The Javits Center Launches New Online Ordering System for Convention Customers

January 12, 2018

The Javits Center has officially launched Jake, a new online portal designed to improve the customer experience by simplifying the ordering process of products and services for upcoming events at the convention center.

Featured on the Center’s redesigned and revamped website, and only available to exhibitors at this time, the new system allows customers to order more than 200 products and services, from electrical and cleaning services to audio equipment and lighting fixtures.

In addition, Jake enables users to:

  • Obtain price quotes for anticipated services
  • Review costs before placing orders
  • Receive electronic receipts and order confirmations
  • Review a detailed Jake order history by event, making it easier to place orders for future events

“The Javits Center is an international hub of commerce and culture, and this new online portal will make it easier than ever for our customers to visit and unveil their latest idea or invention,” said Alan Steel, president and CEO of the New York Convention Center Operating Corporation, which operates the Javits Center.

He continued, “From a technology transformation to a security overhaul, Jake epitomizes the recent progress we have made as an organization and we are proud to offer this new service that simplifies the ordering process for thousands of customers. By combining technology and transparency, we are providing a better experience for exhibitors who depend on us to create a successful event.”

According to Javits Center officials, nearly 40,000 companies from around the globe exhibit at the Manhattan-based convention center, and the ordering process for construction and set-up services can be a challenge for first-time customers.

By digitizing and simplifying the entire ordering process, Jake helps to eliminate most of the manual and paper-based transactions that process thousands of invoices and work assignments at the Center each year. Through Jake, exhibitors can easily browse, select and purchase various products and services online, creating a series of electronic work orders and receipts for employees and customers.

The online portal marks a new era for Javits operations by accelerating the organization’s work flow while enhancing the accuracy and accountability of each order and assignment.

While the first phase of the system is available only to exhibitors, the facility has plans to open up access to event managers, contractors and attendees in future phases, according to Javits Center officials.

In addition, the Javits Center is further modernizing its day-to-day operations with the launch of OneJavits, an internal software platform that interfaces with Jake as it automates the scheduling of work assignments and integrates them with customer orders to increase efficiency.

OneJavits also includes a self-service site for all employees, who can update personal information, schedule availability and view payroll records online.

According to Javits Center officials, these new software platforms will become critical to enhancing Center operations as an ongoing expansion project moves forward at the north end of the six-block campus.

The implementation of Jake and OneJavits are the latest improvements at the Javits Center after a series of major enhancements to the building’s infrastructure, operations and management team, as well as major overhauls to its technology and security systems.

To learn more about Jake, go HERE.


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