TSNN Unveils 'Best of Innovation', 'Outstanding Show Pro' Award, Nominations Now Open

August 27, 2021

The past year and a half has challenged the event industry like never before, but during the tough times, shows have innovated more than ever in so many ways to still create value for their communities.

In addition, there are amazing people who have "risen to the top" in so many incredible ways.

As a result, TSNN will be "re-imagining" the 2021 TSNN Awards, on tap Dec. 1-2 at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Conn., and launching the “Best of Innovation Awards” and the “Outstanding Show Pro Awards.”

For the “Best of Innovation Awards”, shows are asked to consider the following innovative categories: Hybrid-Virtual, Team Building, Savvy Marketing Campaign, Trailblazer, Created a Community, Best Use of Technology and Brave, Courageous & Adaptable.

HERE is the nomination form for the “TSNN Best of Innovation Awards”.

Simply consider some of the following questions:

  • What challenge(s) did the show face?
  • What was the innovative solution(s)?
  • And what were the overall results and impact on the show?
  • What innovative practices, customer service and/or networking environments occurred to make a fantastic event (even though they were against all odds...) For example, what worked for engaging attendees?
  • What worked to tighten the exhibitor relationships with buyers? Was data leveraged in an outstanding way?
  • Describe how you created “WOW” experiences! Did you initiate an “out of the box” idea? If so, did it add some excitement to the event that created an unparalleled end-user experience?
  • Did your event or team celebrate a milestone? (If so, you might have some boasting to do)! Did you improve your show's social media reach?
  • Did your specific industry (and/or team) have a tough few years, but your team adapted and overcame? How did they accomplish that?

For the Outstanding Show Pro Award, do you know a show organizer or someone working for a show organizing company in the U.S. who went way over and above the last two years? Would you like to honor their work? Then nominate them today! They could end up celebrating their achievements at Mohegan Sun with other top trade show pros!

HERE is the nomination form for the “TSNN Awards Outstanding Show Pro Awards”.

Here are a few inspirational category ideas (but we are open to being dazzled by any other outstanding performances!)

  • Did a trade show organizer you know inspire you by with an amazing event program for all?
  • Did a trade show team member lead in a positive way that energized others and helped a show (whether it was virtual, hybrid or in person) move forward?
  • Did you witness a brave leader take a leap of faith and open their trade show floor (and event) in a fresh, safe way that allowed business to occur?
  • Do you know an event leader who got creative and helped his exhibitors gain leads (virtually or otherwise?)
  • Is there a Show Organizer who comes to mind because they demonstrated an "over and above" or "adapt and overcome" mentality you want to share? Maybe an overall industry leader comes to mind when you think of a person who helped our industry advocate?
  • Were you WOW'ed by a virtual or hybrid experience by an association or for-profit event?
  • Did someone pull off a community-building environment that helped build an industry or network?
  • Perhaps you were blown away by a show's savvy marketing campaign that will keep you coming back for more

Nominations for both the “Best of Innovation” and “Outstanding Show Pro” Awards are due Sept. 27 and all winners must represent U.S.-based shows.

Winners will be announced onstage at the Dec. 2 Gala Awards Celebration and must be present to receive their awards. All nominees will be hosted onsite for the two-day event, including a 2-night hotel room at Mohegan Sun and all meals.

Visit www.T-awards.com for more information on this great celebratory event!

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