a2z Quarterly Exposition Industry Analysis Indicates Showfloors Decreased in Q3

October 9, 2012

Based on hundreds of show that are managed on a2z’s platform, the event technology company has released its latest Quarterly Exposition Industry Analysis.

While overall attendance has started to rebound at several shows, the third quarter wasn’t as kind to net square footage.

The data collected by a2z revealed that NSF in Q3 of 2012 was down by approximately 5 percent, compared with Q3 last year.

“If you have been following our previous a2z index reports, then you may have noticed that in Q1 and Q2, our NSF pacing indicated that Q3 of 2012 was behind by several points compared to Q3 of 2011,” said Rajiv Jain, a2z’s president and CEO.

He added, “Unfortunately, the NSF pacing for Q4 seems to be lagging as well, and we are expecting downward trends for Q4 as well.”

There are some silver linings, though. NSF pacing for Q1 of calendar year 2013 is continuing to pace ahead of Q1 of 2012.

“So, we are expecting upward trends for Q1 of 2013,” Jain added.

Another positive note is some sectors are continuing to have stronger performances.

For example, Industrial/Heavy Machinery and Finished Business Inputs are experiencing upward trends, as well as Energy and Food.

On the other hand, Business Services, Government and Building, Construction, Home & Repair all have seen declines and continue to struggle.

The a2z Quarterly Exposition Industry Analysis analyzes data through Q3 of the calendar year 2012 and reflects overall industry performance, a breakdown of vertical market performance, sales pacing of the last six months and the forecast for the next six.

The Q3 report is based on data from 73 shows, according to Jain, the 2012 data so far has been pulled from 260-plus shows that are managed on a2z’s platform.

For the full report, click HERE.

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