American Quarter Horse Association Improves Event Communications with AlertMedia Notification System

May 25, 2017

Once upon a time, the American Quarter Horse Association relied on the antiquated method of using email to communicate with attendees and event staff during their world shows and events throughout the year.

As a result, the largest equine breed registry and membership organization struggled to provide real-time updates and other important notifications that were crucial to the success of their events.

Enter emergency notification system provider AlertMedia, which helped bring AQHA’s mass communications methods into the modern age via a user-friendly, two-way notification software platform that now helps the organization communicate quickly and easily with event staff and attendees – especially crucial in the case of last-minute schedule changes, emergency situations and other important notifications.

“There are many unpredictable factors that can and do have an impact on our events,” explained Lauren Walsh, CMO of AQHA.

She continued, “Our website is designed to provide information about our organization but not necessarily to provide real-time updates with vital information to event participants. With AlertMedia we can easily distribute show updates and information, respond to questions and keep everyone updated with schedule changes as well as weather announcements.”

Designed to deliver communications that protect organizations, improve operations and mitigate loss from any location, at any time and from any device, AlertMedia uses a two-way mass notification software that incorporates a built-in 24/7 monitoring system, tracking thousands of information sources that allows organizations to easily communicate incidents during their events.

The cloud-based platform also enables organizations to send and receive unlimited messages via multiple channels, including custom channels that can be easily integrated using the AlertMedia API, while an intuitive mapping feature provides event staff with insight into their attendees’ locations and proximity to potentially dangerous incidents.

“Being able to communicate with all of our onsite staff, participants and the event attendees at the touch of a button is fantastic,” Walsh said.

She added, “Our staff can relay information to the event organizers and answer questions in a timely fashion. AlertMedia helps us keep our people safe and informed, which leads to better events and a better participant experience.” 

By using AlertMedia’s web and mobile applications, AQHA now has the ability to interact with attendees and staff from any device and over any communication channel, including voice call, text, native mobile apps, email, social media and Slack, thus, keeping their people safe and informed with just a few clicks.

Pre-event, AQHA simply uploads all staff and registered participant information into the platform, grouping people in a way that makes it easy for them to reach the right audience quickly.

“We work with a lot of vendors, contractors, and consultants and AlertMedia’s customer service and attentiveness has been unparalleled,” Walsh said.

She continued, “Our exhibitors greatly appreciate the timely information they receive and especially the ability to communicate back to us with questions and information. The AlertMedia team is available to us at night and over the weekend during the entire course of our events, which truly sets them apart from other vendors.”

So far, the AQHA has used AlertMedia during its Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show; the Adequan Select World Championship Show and the Lucas Oil World Championship Show, with great results.

According to Brian Cruver, AlertMedia CEO, hundreds of enterprise customers in more than 80 countries across all industries are using the AlertMedia platform to protect their organizations, automate operations and mitigate loss.

“Putting on events that involve thousands of participants, whether it’s a corporate conference, global sporting event or community affair, can be a tremendous responsibility,” Cruver said.

He added, “AlertMedia is proud to help AQHA keep its attendees and employees safe and well informed while they are participating in AQHA world shows. They turned to us when they recognized they needed a better way to send and receive critical information and that’s what AlertMedia delivers.”

Learn more about AlertMedia here

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