Amsterdam RAI Enhances Its Exhibitions with the InnovationLAB

March 15, 2015

The InnovationLAB platform by Amsterdam RAI and its external partners TNO, 3TU Federatie and Accenture Innovation Awards recently was officially launched.

The lab is an environment designed to enable exhibitors and visitors to share their knowledge and experiences in the field of innovation.

In addition, it gives knowledge centres, research institutes, innovation partners and the like a platform to market their innovations, further enriching Amsterdam RAI’s exhibitions.

“The InnovationLAB is a platform where visitors can see and experience the innovations in their market, both online and in real life. In addition, the medium of exhibitions is distinguished and profiled based on this crucial topic,” said Ids Boersma, director of RAI Exhibitions. “The InnovationLAB is a generic concept that can be customised to suit any trade show.”

Amsterdam RAI has now officially confirmed its cooperation with TNO, 3TU Federatie and Accenture Innovation Awards. “The InnovationLAB will make innovations visible and tangible to a broad audience,” explains Esther van Zeggeren, Director of Marketing & Communications at TNO. “It will also serve as a bridge between people and knowledge, a vital precondition for more innovations. We call this ‘Innovation for life’.”

IJsbrand Haagsma, secretary general of 3TU Federatie, said, “We see the cooperation with Amsterdam RAI as an excellent way to bring scientific technological developments closer to the public. The government expects us to work on valorisation as well as teaching and research; that is, we should create practical applications for the knowledge we develop. This is what we showcase in the InnovationLAB.”

“Improving brand familiarity is one of the main goals of Innovation Awards participants,” added Pieter-Paul van Oerle, initiative taker and organizer of Accenture Innovation Awards. “Our cooperation with Amsterdam RAI lets us meet this need even better in the framework of various appropriate concepts.”

The next exhibition where the InnovationLAB will be deployed will be the AutoRAI in April 2015. After that it will be the turn of Rematec, SSA and the BedrijfsAutoRAI, followed by the international exhibitions Aquatech Amsterdam and METS in November.

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