Ascend Integrated Media Streams Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association's Annual Meeting Sessions

June 24, 2012

Even if you couldn’t be at the Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association’s annual meeting June 23-26 in Orlando, Ascend Integrated Media introduced AscendStreaming – live streaming video – of sessions held during the event.

“During this year’s annual meeting, we are pleased to showcase this technology that HCEA believes will prove valuable for members,” said Jackie Beaulieu, executive vice president of HCEA.

She added, “Video-streaming allows members who are unable to attend the event to experience the great presentations. It essentially extends the value of our conference and increases our reach.”

Ascend, in partnership with Digitell, streamed the opening keynote address by James Spellos, CMP, president of Meeting U.

Two afternoon general sessions also were streamed: HCEA State of the Industry Report given by Frank Skinner, executive director of HCEA and Anatomy of Strategy – A Get to the Heart of the Matter Moment with Cassandra Costello, manager of marketing and sales operations for Actelion Pharmaceuticals US, Inc., and Jerry Gerson, corporate training and measurement for marketech360.

All three sessions were archived and are available OnDemand on the Web site.

"There is so much valuable content at each of our clients' events. This is another way that we help them share it with their membership," said Rhonda Wickham, Ascend Media's vice president of content.

She added, "If members are unable to attend an event, they can still benefit from the streamed presentations as if they were sitting in the room with their colleagues. They can view it live or see it at a later, more convenient time through the OnDemand version."

Videostreaming helps associations drive attendance, reach new members, extend the value of the event's content and develop new revenue streams for their meetings.

According to Ascend, benefits of AscendStreaming include the following:

Syndicast sessions live to exhibitor websites and portals

Rerun sessions as live webcasts

Provide sessions OnDemand for portable usage

Capture and archive all of your events for OnDemand access any time you wish

Full reporting allows you to track your ROI

"Videostreaming doesn't replace the value gained by actually attending an event in person. However, it provides a terrific value-add for your membership as well as helps to reduce the carbon footprint," said Ascend CEO Cameron Bishop.

He added, "Our new offering of AscendStreaming serves as a natural extension of clients' next events and offers them a cost-effective way to extend their reach."

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