AsiaWorld-Expo Unveils Added Space for Conventions

December 10, 2012

AsiaWorld-Expo recently unveiled two new major convention spaces for Hong Kong: Runway 11 and Runway Suites series.

The new venues will help attract even more international conferences and events to Hong Kong, building on the growth that the local MICE industry already is experiencing, according to AWE officials.

“We are pleased that our Runway 11 and Runway Suites series have provided new major convention spaces for Hong Kong and are very much welcomed by the MICE industry with a view to attracting more international conferences and events to Hong Kong,” saidAllen Ha, CEO of AsiaWorld-Expo Management Limited. 

He added, “Hong Kong’s MICE industry is a major engine of economic growth.  And this has been reflected in the business performance of AsiaWorld-Expo.  In the financial year of 2011-2012, the number of large-scale EXPOtainment events hosted at the venue and the total metreage sold increased byover 20 percent.  Looking ahead, we expect to sustain strong growth throughout 2012.”

The venue has attracted a large number of major international conferences to come to Hong Kong, including the Nu Skin Greater China Regional Convention 2012 in which more than 20,000 delegates from all over the world participated in June.

By investing in a newseriesof flexible, sound-proof Runway 11 and Runway Suites series, AWE hopes to attract even more world-class events, according to venue organizers.

The new Runway Suites at AsiaWorld-Expo boast up to 10 rooms and offer flexibility, each capable of seating between 80 and 200 people in a theatre set-up. 

All rooms are fully carpeted and offer sound-proofing, as well as a full range of audio-visual technologies.

“The Government is delighted to see more meetings and convention facilities are made available at AsiaWorld-Expo,” said Philip Yung, Commissioner for Tourism. 

He added, “With these new facilities, the venue will certainly be able to accomplish even more in the years to come.  We look forward to cooperating further with the AsiaWorld-Expo and other stakeholders to ensure the local MICE industry continues to prosper.”

Robin Lokerman, president of MCI Group Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, one of Asia’s leading event planner, said, “The flexible configuration of the Runway Suites will perfectly complement events of various sizes. We are pleased to see that AsiaWorld-Expo offers such a practical solution that will definitely provide event planners, like ourselves, the competitive edge to bid for international conferences."

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