Brand and Event Promotion on LinkedIn

May 4, 2014

LinkedIn is the largest professional network with over 250 million members around the world. LinkedIn has created a platform that allows its members to connect with other like-minded professionals to promote their business interests and share and learn ideas.

Event managers can promote their brand and events on LinkedIn and target marketing efforts to their core audience. This is a great tool for sourcing prospects to attend your local or industry-related events. The key factors to successful brand and event promotion on LinkedIn for any event manager is increasing visibility and building relationships.

Increasing visibility

Build visibility by generating buzz about your organization’s initiatives and events. This can be done by sharing visual content on LinkedIn. Providing visual/multimedia content will help your audience get to know your brand or organization.

There are a variety of approaches that can be utilized:

  • posting infographics with images and statistics that are relevant to your target audience
  • uploading videos from previous events or promoting upcoming events
  • upload presentations via SlideShare that draw the attention of your audience

Building valuable relationships

After you have built higher visibility around your organization, you can now create meaningful relationships by engaging and connecting with audiences. Providing written content for your audience demonstrates to your audience that you can be a valued partner in their business and/or career development.   

  • posting links to your blog articles
  • link your tweets (with applicable hashtags) to your LinkedIn page
  • promoting your events on LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn is a powerful resource that can help increase your visibility and strengthen your professional relationships which are keys to establishing your credibility with your audience.

Executing the tactics listed above may lead to higher engagement and show your target audience that you are providing relevant content applicable to their business needs.

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