Check Out New Sustainable Events Calculator; Take Global Survey on Convention Center Sustainability Trends

April 12, 2017

As more sustainably minded shows seek to track, measure and lessen their environmental impact, it makes sense that green event industry organizations would answer the call by providing comprehensive tools that give organizers frameworks for accomplishing those objectives.

Launched on March 25 to coincide with Earth Hour, the MeetGreen Calculator 2.0 for Sustainable Events is designed to measure sustainable event management practices by assessing the environmental impact of conference activities in several key areas, allowing event organizers to benchmark their achievements and compare progress against other events.

Updated to align with current industry standards, track green meeting initiatives and provide state-of-the-art reporting with a newly-designed, user-friendly interface, the new and improved Calculator comes in two options: the Standard version, which allows organizers to assess their event and benchmark their practices before taking additional steps, and the Advanced version, which provides a more in-depth look at the practices and indicators to track event sustainability data.

“By reporting on green practices in categories such as destination selection, general service contractor, venue, audio-visual and more for each event, organizers have a way to benchmark their practices,” explained Nancy Zavada, president of MeetGreen.

She continued, “They can then assess their practices against similar events, see how they measure up and see what areas might need more concentrated efforts. If they benchmark their event every time it’s held, they can check their progress in all 14 categories and report on the success. The reports can then be used to share information with key stakeholders to celebrate those successes. (The Calculator) also provides a checklist of practices organizers may want to consider in the future to be more sustainable, which helps with future planning.”

Integrated with aspects of the ISO 20121 and APEX/ASTM Environmentally Sustainable Meeting Standards, the new Calculator has been expanded to assess over 200 event management practices and measurable outcomes related to sustainability across the following 14 categories:

·      Accommodations

·      Agencies

·      Audio-Visual

·      Carbon Offsets

·      Catering

·      CSR Project

·      Destination

·      Exhibit Contractors

·      Exhibitors & Sponsors

·      Marketing & Communications

·      Measurement

·      Onsite

·      Transportation

·      Venue

Since finding and understanding sustainability descriptions, definitions and information resources can slow the reporting process considerably, the 2.0 version of the Calculator also includes helpful information alongside the platform’s questions so users don’t have to leave the page or search for a help option.

For more information about the MeetGreen Calculator 2.0, go here.

Meanwhile, Greenview, a global company of event industry professionals committed to the advancement of sustainability across the hospitality, meetings and events, travel and tourism industries at the organizational level, has released its fourth annual Green Venue Report survey to compare the sustainability practices and performance of convention and exhibition centers throughout the world.

Launched on March 15, the multi-question survey is open to all meeting and trade show venues through April 30.

Intended to help the industry understand its collective impact, catalyze best practices, and stimulate competition around global convention and exhibition center sustainability, the Green Venue Report compares performance over a wide-range of areas, including energy, efficiency, waste management, water usage, food and beverage services, cleaning practices, staff involvement, communications, health and wellbeing, and certifications.

By collecting and comparing performance data and identifying innovative practices, venues can see how they perform against their peers and the industry can better understand its aggregate impact, progress, best practices and innovation, according to Amanda Simons, senior manager for Greenview.

“Venues are often the most influential event partner for show management teams and can greatly influence the sustainability performance of their events,” Simons said.

She added, “Embracing sustainability can lead to many benefits for the venue and coordinator, including increased efficiencies and potentially associated cost savings, more engaged staff, satisfied customers and a competitive green distinction within the industry.”

So far, more than 70 convention and exhibition centers across North America, Asia, Europe and Australia have confirmed participation in the 2017 survey and report, which is set to be published in July.

For more information and to sign up for the 2017 survey and report, go here.

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