Convention Data Services Launches Lead Retrieval Dashboard

May 7, 2016

Convention Data Services added a Lead Retrieval Dashboard to the CDS X·Press Reports event management tool.

The new dashboard provides show management with a deeper understanding of exhibit hall activity and charts important data on exhibitor and attendee behavior. 

The product, which analyzes data collected from scans on all CDS lead retrieval devices, provides a unique display of the aggregated data.

This data can be accessed during the show or post-show by all onsite and remotely located show management staff to monitor the activity and progress of the event.

The dashboard displays hall and aisle traffic; it shows scans by date, time and exhibitor, as well as year-over-year comparisons that show event growth and exhibitor performance metrics.

Graphical reporting provides show management with a visual of the data for ease in making decisions regarding their event. The graphs and charts can be exported for use in campaign materials, correspondence, the exhibitor kit or for booth sales and general event advertising.

“The Lead Retrieval Dashboard is an incredibly beneficial addition to the CDS X·Press Reports tool. It is a great resource for show management to monitor their show’s activity and comes with full support from the CDS event team,” said David Lawton, executive vice president of sales at Convention Data Services.

He added, “The dashboard is easily accessed through the X·Press Reports portal and assists show management in planning their event and demonstrating exhibitor ROI.”

The dashboard opens with a summary of pertinent information about exhibitors, scans and equipment.

Tabs within the dashboard lead to exhibitor, traffic, geographic and demographic details. Demographic reports detail buyer positions, professions and interests for a clear picture of potential exhibitor ROI. The quality and growth of qualified buyers on the show floor and their networking with exhibitors is shown in detail and makes it easy to prove the event’s value to prospective exhibitors.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lead retrieval scan summaries
  • Daily scan detail (with a drill down by hour and top exhibitors)
  • Hall traffic (broken down by aisle, top aisle, hall and top booth traffic by exhibitor)
  • Geographic summary (by country, state and region)
  • Demo summary (by demo questions and registration class)

The dashboard is available onsite or post-show for any event that uses CDS’ lead retrieval technology, including current clients with completed events.

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