Cut Through the Content Clutter in 2015

January 9, 2015

In the past few weeks, our inboxes have been inundated with predictions and trends for 2015.  At a2z, we have tuned in to what the experts are saying, and a picture is emerging of the shape that content sharing and marketing will take in 2015. Previously Content was King, but if this was still the case, then we would have many, way too many, rulers. 2015 will require brand owners to not only share content with target audiences, but also present it in a way that breaks through the clutter.

Four ways to make your content count that will be big this year:


Video is easier and faster to digest than reading a blog post or article, which suits the busy lives of workers today. A story can engage readers and storytelling is most easily achieved through video.  You can evoke emotion and create a connection with your brand.  If the time and costs associated with video are out of reach then start with audio podcasts which can similar results and require far less of an investment.


Facebook just announced the release of new call to action buttons coming to business pages in 2015. This type of simple and fast interaction can boost your social media reach and engagement.  You can also boost interaction with your posts, blogs, newsletter, and website with polls, surveys, and live chats.  To keep readers engaged be sure to share the results quickly and with the entire audience and encourage responses to the results to keep the conversation flowing.


When planning your content and the distribution of this content, mobile readers and viewers must always be at the forefront of your plan.  You will want to design your emails, infographics, and images so that they render well on all size screens.  Quick, but insightful, reads are easier for mobile viewers to consume. You may also consider creating specific content for your mobile audience. Short snippets that lead to full articles or full length videos work well in this scenario.  


Keep your content fresh and ever evolving by pulling content from cross functional teams within the workplace.  Ask for each team’s perspective on the same topic or highlight guest writers from each team.  Also encourage user-generated content with contests for video, photo, and tagline submissions for specific topics related to your event.  This content can offer a multitude of opportunities for new content. Finally, put the employees at your organization to work for you.  Use them as content distributors on their own social networks.  Some employees who are on the frontlines with customers likely have strong connections with people in your target audience and can provide a trusted source for opinions and information. 

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