Despite Turmoil in Ukraine, ITE Group Stages Building Events

March 6, 2014

Even though every day brings more uncertainty to the political turmoil in the Ukraine, U.K.-based ITE Group still went ahead with successfully hosting four collocated building events through its local business – Premier Expo.

The decision to proceed with KyivBuild, Intertool Kiev, BuildTech and KIPS, held March 4-6 in the country’s capital Kiev at the International Exhibition Centre, was taken after consulting with local staff, exhibitors, government officials and embassies, according to ITE Group officials.

Although visitor numbers were lower than in previous years, the collocated events ran on schedule as planned.

“We’ve had a challenging, but successful start to our spring season event program,” said Premier Expo Managing Director Anatoly Sushon.

He added, “The conflict on the streets of Kiev was restricted to the city center and thankfully, the main transport infrastructure and the area surrounding the venue (IEC) and our office, was unaffected by the trouble.”

Onsite at the event, Sushon said everyone moved forward with continuing with their work.

People are very keen for a return to normality, and we wanted to contribute by not cancelling or rescheduling our events,” he added. “The safety of our staff and participants is our main priority and we acted upon the best available information to make sure that this wasn’t compromised.”

After several months of protests and the ousting of the country’s president,Viktor Yanukovich, during which dozens of people were killed, followed by Russian troops moving into the Crimean region, the county still faces continued strife.  

“We’re keeping a close eye on developments in the country, and we’ve implemented a communications plan so that people are informed of our plans until the situation here settles,” Sushon said.

Premier Expo’s event season continues with Estet Beauty Expo March 12-14 and UITT March 26-28, both at the IEC in Kiev.

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