Diversified Communications Reorganizes Management Structure to Focus on U.S.

October 9, 2014

With business booming in the U.S., Portland, Maine-based Diversified Communications has reorganized its management structure into two leadership teams - one to support Diversified Communications’ global divisions, and another to lead Diversified Communications US.

“These organizational moves will enable Diversified US to grow in the important and reliable North American market and create additional career path opportunities, while also improving corporate governance across all our divisions,” said Ted Wirth, president and CEO. 

He added, “This new structure will provide additional leadership to our seven global divisions in the areas of strategy and corporate development, human resources, finance, and business operations; and provide strong leadership to support and grow our profitable US division.”

The Corporate Team will support Diversified’s seven divisions and two television stations, working with the Managing Directors and leadership from each business unit. 

This team includes Oakley Dyer, Corporate VP – Strategy & Corporate Development; Janice Rogers, Corporate VP – Human Resources; Anthony Martin, VP – Business Operations; and Kathy Willing, Chief Financial Officer.

Willing joins Diversified as Paul Clancy, Diversified’s long-standing Executive Vice President & CFO, retires at the end of the year.

The strategy and direction of Diversified Communications’ U.S. division will be led by a team of Executive Vice Presidents: Mary Larkin, Mike Lodato and Bill Springer, with nearly sixty years combined service, and their newly formed VP team: Vicki Hennin, Sr. Vice President and newly appointed Vice Presidents, Liz Plizga, Bob Callahan, Joann Leonard, Eric Wagner and RD Whitney.

“The tenure within both these new teams is exceptional,” said Daniel Hildreth, Diversified’s Board Chair. 

He added, “The combination of their unique skills, industry experience and shared values will lead to an exciting future for our US division and increased corporate support of our global operations.”

Diversified employs more than 800 people operating out of 14 offices in seven countries. Collectively, they produce 100-plus exhibitions and conferences annually, 35 eMedia products and print publications and two television stations. Diversified U.S. has added 50 new positions and grew revenue by 35 percent during the past three years.

Besides Maine, Diversified has divisions in the Eastern United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Thailand and the United Kingdom.


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