E3 Marketing Group Helps Exhibitors Hit a Bullseye

January 26, 2018

Exhibiting companies now have more digital solution options to help them connect with targeted audiences, create brand awareness and facilitate one-to-one engagements before, during and after trade shows and events.

Digital Bullseye is a suite of geo-framing and IP targeting solutions designed to increase and extend exhibitor reach and ramp up one-to-one engagements by bridging offline events with online connections at every stage of an event.

“While using some patented technologies for other industries and applications, we realized there was potential to apply the same technology and benefits for trade show exhibitors and event organizers,” explained Todd Louden, head of product marketing and business development at E3 Marketing Group, which launched its Digital Bullseye solutions for events in early 2017.

He continued, “Our innovative solutions connect offline events to online engagements before, during, and after shows – on their mobile phone, in their hotel rooms, at work or at home. This increases the value of your investment of time, money and resources by extending your reach beyond the event itself, and thereby maximizing your ROI.”

Digital Bullseye solutions include:

Pre-Event Solutions: Helps generate brand awareness and interest prior to an event by enabling exhibitors to alert prospective customers about their upcoming presence at a show.

  • Key-Word Targeting: Allows exhibiting companies to display online digital ads to anyone searching for or visiting web pages discussing a particular event. Helpful for generating interest with targeted audiences planning to attend or expressing interest in attending, this solution enables exhibitors to inform attendees that they will be at an event, where to find them and why they should come to their booth, as well as send them to a landing page for more product or show information.
  • Facebook / IG Custom Audience Targeting: Once CRM data and lists are provided by the exhibitor, this solution creates targeted Facebook ads with specific pre-show messaging. Users can also take advantage of E3’s extensive database and targeted lists in addition to or in lieu of their own customer CRM data.

At-Event Solutions: Helps exhibitors connect with attendees via targeted one-to-one engagements, generate leads from anywhere at the event and drive booth traffic.

  • Facebook & FAN Geo-Targeting: By setting a geo-fence radius around the convention center or event location, this solution serves targeted Facebook ads into the newsfeed of likely event attendees. Best for trade shows and events where people are actively engaged on Facebook and Instagram, Facebook Audience Network (FAN) enables exhibitors to extend their Facebook ad campaigns outside of the social media site by placing their ads on other apps and mobile websites, using the same targeting categories.
  • Venue/Hotel IP Targeting: Delivers targeted, one-to-one online digital messaging direct to event attendees and prospects on any devices connected to the venue, convention center and/or hotel Wi-Fi networks. After exhibitors select their locations, the solution uses premium ad exchanges to serve targeted digital ads on the websites prospects visit while connected to those targeted wireless networks.

Post-Event Solutions: Helps to extend and expand company messages after an event by connecting exhibitors with the same targeted audiences while increasing their reach to those who couldn’t attend.

  • Venue Retargeting: Proprietary geo-framing technology enables this solution to go back in time up to one year to capture mobile IDs from prior trade shows and event locations, then match them with IP addresses. The information is then saved so exhibitors can later reach the same audiences on their mobile, work or home devices with targeted digital messaging for up to six months after an event.

“Our digital solutions are able to track online engagements and provide metrics, like impressions, click-throughs to landing pages and lead generation conversions,” Louden explained. “This can be useful in quantifying the value of events for evaluation and comparison.”

While E3 sells Digital Bullseye solution packages directly to event exhibitors, agencies and show organizers can also offer its solutions to sponsors as a value-added service and potential revenue stream.

The company also offers several levels of customer support, including full implementation and execution, campaign development and messaging, creatives and asset development, as well as training and portal access for frequent or heavy users, Louden added.

Rob Powers, president of Rival Motorsports, adopted Digital Bullseye solutions to help generate buzz and booth traffic at the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo), held Sept. 21-24 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio.

By using the Key-Word Targeting solution, Rival was able to attract more people to its booth at a lower cost than an at-show sponsorship; experienced a 500 percent increase in web page views during the event; increased its Facebook reach by 1,000 percent during and around the event days, and was able to generate over 40 new dealer set-up leads at the show, according to Powers.

“E3’s event digital products allowed us to (create awareness and generate booth traffic) at a relatively low cost compared to the reach and impact achieved,” Powers explained. “E3 allowed us to engage show attendees one-to-one on their mobile phones and even back in their hotel rooms – this helped us to stand out at the show.”

He continued, “They were able to track engagements and provide metrics, (such as) impressions, click-throughs to our landing page and lead generation conversions. This allowed us to calculate an ROI for this event and to use if for comparison to other future events. They (also) allowed us to reach the exact same audiences with our messaging after the show ended. This really helped to increase the impact and ROI of the show since our message reach extended far beyond the four days of the show itself.”

To learn more about E3’s Digital Bullseye solutions for trade shows, go HERE.


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