Emerging Technology and Marketing Trends Set to Impact Face-to-Face Events in a Big Way

March 29, 2015

1.       Customer experience
Customer experience rather than brand loyalty is taking center stage globally. More resources are being channeled than ever before into online, social media and face-to-face customer service. According to Gartner, by 2017, 50 percent of consumer product investments will be redirected to customer experience innovations. Consumers will bring similar customer service expectations to the events they attend.

2.       Interactive marketing
These days, customers expect to be active participants in the success of the brands they follow and love. They want to contribute to making their favorite brands even bigger and better. Marketers, in turn, are learning to use technology and analytics to engage consumers repeatedly, not just at the point of transaction. Event organizers would also need to implement solutions that make it easy to provide long-term, immersive experiences to audiences.

3.       Demand-based servicing
New technology-based markets are evolving rapidly and disruptive innovation is becoming the norm everywhere. One size fits all is truly history. More and more, we are seeing niche groups of buyers sharing key demographics being served personalized solutions based on their unique requirements. This trend is sure to migrate to B2B and B2C events where an unprecedented diversification in demand patterns will create new segments and value networks.

4.        Location based interaction
Beacons and mobile apps are providing businesses with solutions to connect with consumers in new ways, and collect intelligent data to help analyze traffic and buying patterns. The ability to connect with attendees via sensor technology will similarly enable event organizers to connect them with relevant exhibitors and get feedback in real-time to resolve issues as they arise.

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