Expo Logic Revolutionizes Attendee Check-In with Facial Recognition Solution

April 20, 2018

Global event technology company, Expo Logic, has launched an innovative new solution for onsite registration that allows attendees to check in at events using only their face.

Created in partnership with biometrics company, Zenus, Expo Logic’s facial recognition event check-in service helps show organizers improve the onsite attendee experience via shorter registration wait times, more secure events and personalized attendee greetings.

The process is simple: using images uploaded by attendees during the registration process, a camera setup at the onsite registration kiosk captures the attendee’s image, automatically recognizes them and prints their badge as they approach the kiosk.The entire check-in process takes an average of 15-20 seconds. 

“We see attendee faces light up when they interact with the technology,” said Jeff Cooper, president of Expo Logic. “They are delighted and surprised by this efficient and personal check-in experience.”

Check out a video of the system in action HERE.

Expo Logic’s facial recognition technology is not only a fast and seamless way for attendees to check-in onsite but also eliminates the need for ticket or barcode scanning.

All attendee data remains with the online registration system used by the event organizer and attendee images are only received over securely encrypted channels. Once the image is received, the facial recognition software uses only the face measurements and then immediately deletes the image.

While still new to the industry, facial recognition technology is quickly becoming a popular tech element at events and so far, its reception has been positive, according to Expo Logic officials. 

Since the first pilot was conducted last Fall, facial recognition check-in has been used at several events and will be showing up at many more this year, including Community Brands Xperience18 and Keller Williams’ Luxury Home Event.

The platform also was demoed at IMEX America in Las Vegas last October, at IBTM World in Barcelona, Spain, in November and at IAEE Expo! Expo! in San Antonio, Texas, in December.

“Facial recognition is intuitive and easy to use,” said Panos Moutafis, president of Zenus. “The attendee participation has been exceeding our expectations because people are already familiar with the technology. 

He added, “Event planners who want to maximize their attendee experience should definitely give it a try.” 

To learn more about Expo Logic’s facial recognition check-in services, go HERE.

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