ExpoBee’s Industry Tracker Provides Personalized News Feeds

June 9, 2013

Want to keep attendees engaged 365 days a year? ExpoBee has developed the Industry Tracker, a turnkey solution that provides personalized news feeds based on a subscriber’s specific interests.

A subscriber can select industry categories and specific companies to track. Then, Industry Tracker uses a proprietary algorithm to pull content from vendor Web sites, social media, blogs, magazine sites and other outlets, scrub it for duplicates and extraneous content, then feed it directly to a subscriber via the Web, mobile or e-mail.

“Keeping up with industry news meant subscribing to multiple newsletters, keeping a constant eye on twitter and checking blogs and websites every day. Industry Tracker makes staying up to date effortless,” said Michele Sachar, director of business development USA at ExpoBee.

She added, “Community members can go to a single source to get the specific information they want. No more hunting and crowded inboxes.”

Industry Tracker is a fully automated service implemented in a branded environment. After a one-time setup, the system requires little to no intervention and the organizer’s branding is front and center at all times.

“The vast amount of information available to the organizer provides a unique window on buyers’ interests,” Sachar added. “And with all this information being tracked over time, the ability to identify trends is particularly valuable.”

Tradeshow exhibitors will have the opportunity to increase exposure and new business opportunities by reaching potential customers 365 days a year.

In addition, with the Industry Tracker Dashboard, exhibitors are able to receive a topline view of how many subscribers are tracking their news, comments, social sharing and more.

For enhanced exposure and deeper analytics, exhibitors can purchase the Industry Tracker Premium Upgrade, which creates extra revenue shared by ExpoBee and the show organizers.

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