Feathr Harnesses Event Personalization with Da Vinci Update 

May 17, 2017

Event personalization specialist Feathr has launched “Da Vinci,” a major new update to its award-winning event platform that empowers event organizers to create personalized event experiences through data, insights and communication. 

As the first step in realizing Feathr’s vision of shaping the future of the event experience, “Da Vinci” is Feathr’s most significant product update to date and official shift to the Event Personalization Platform, according to company officials.

“Inspired by Da Vinci’s endless pursuit of flight and unique works of art, we wanted to inspire event organizers to take a bespoke approach to personalizing event communications and experiences,” explained Aidan Augustin, president of Feathr.

He continued, “Da Vinci’s work laid the foundation for generations of scientists and aeronautical dreamers to come. Similarly, our Da Vinci update lays the foundation for Feathr’s ongoing journey to change the way events are designed, experienced and ultimately monetized.” 

With this update, personalization now is embedded across the entire Feathr platform, allowing event organizers to understand their customer’s journey and personalize their experience pre-, during and post-event. 

With “Da Vinci,” Feathr helps organizers leverage data they already have by combining sources including registration, CRM, social followers and website analytics to launch effective multi-channel campaigns across email, landing pages, online advertising, social media and chat bots.

Beyond attendee acquisitions, Feathr can be used to personalize interactions, including presenting relevant content; connecting appropriate exhibitors and sponsors with attendees; proposing valuable contacts to network with and suggesting relevant sessions. 

With many industry reports pointing to a decline in response rates to generic, mass digital marketing, Feathr addresses the increasing importance of delivering content and experiences that are personalized to target audiences. 

Consumers who have grown accustomed to platforms such as Amazon and Netflix also expect a more personalized experience with event marketing.

Feathr aims to equip event organizers with actionable insights and the tools to do just that, quickly, easily and effectively with an intuitive user interface using click and drag-and-drop capabilities. 

“The growing challenge of capturing audience attention and the high number of competing events mean that it’s never been more important for event organizers to cut through the noise with personalization,” said Aleksander Levental, Feathr CEO.

He added, “Our new Da Vinci update helps event organizers quickly build a comprehensive picture of their customers and prospects, profiling and understanding digital behaviors so that they can create powerful, effective campaigns that are tailored to their interests.”

For more information about Feathr and Da Vinci, go here.

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