GetWellNetwork’s User Conference Showcases Client Work with Interactive Digital Poster Sessions

August 11, 2013

Like many health care conferences, poster sessions at the GetWellNetwork’s annual user conference, GetConnected, are another way education is delivered to attendees. They also give attendees the opportunity to showcase their own work.

But, at this year’s user conference in San Diego, GetWellNetwork decided to go high tech, replacing poster boards with interactive touch screens.

Creating interactive poster sessions just seems like a natural progression for GetWellNetwork. After all, GetWellNetwork provides their clients with patient engagement solutions that help health care providers engage, educate and empower patients. Their platform is delivered across multiple technology platforms, including mobile devices, computers and televisions.

Tony Cook, vice president of marketing for GetWellNetwork, says there were several objectives they wanted to realize when it came to conference content. They wanted to improve the overall learning experience, reduce the human resources needed to produce the event, and be more environmentally conscious while cutting costs.

The solution was simple for presenters. Once their submission was approved they delivered their poster session material via PowerPoint. GetWellNetwork would then work their magic to make sure those presentations were engaging for the viewer and had a professional quality.

During the event about 50, 55-inch screens replaced the old corkboard panels. While there were about two hours each day where presenters were available to walk attendees through their presentation, Cook reports that the screens were kept busy even outside of those times.

Costs were kept down due to a strong partnership with LG and Panasonic that contributed equipment in exchange for the branding opportunity.

GetWellNetwork also was able to address their environmental objective by eliminating the use of poster board that in all likeliness would just get put in the trash at the end of the event.

Cook was excited about the added benefit with the digital posters, that being the ability to repurpose poster content. GetWellNetwork now is giving their clients the opportunity to present their digital posters through special webinars they are hosting once a month.

Posters also can be posted online for download. Something that could not have been done effectively if they’d been created in the old poster board format.

When asked if audio was built into the presentations Cook said, “No, we did not do that this year but it’s something we will look at doing in the future. The technology is there for that so it would be easy to do.”

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