Glisser’s Hybrid Events Ignited Showcased the Art of the Possible for Hybrid Event Planners

August 23, 2021

For many event planners, the idea of planning, let alone pulling off a successful hybrid event is often viewed as a complicated and daunting task requiring a major learning curve to master. To help planners overcome their trepidation, move beyond theory and put hybrid events into action, U.K.-based virtual and hybrid event platform Glisser launched its first-ever hybrid event designed to provide corporate event planners with best practices for executing engaging and successful events with both digital and in-person audiences.

Held July 13 in London, across the pond in New York City and online, Hybrid Events Ignited was delivered live to more than 900 in-person and online registered attendees from all three locations. The event featured 16 speakers, some of whom attended virtually, along with one lead moderator in the U.K. and one sub-moderator in the U.S. to help bring together a cohesive and meaningful hybrid event experience for all attendee groups. 

Across seven sessions, the event showcased the possibilities of hybrid events in the areas of accessibility, engagement, customization and analytics. Key topics covered included the challenges of event design, supplier requirements, software requirements, hardware requirements, speaker experiences and attendees’ opinions.

Aimed at those involved in event planning and delivery, marketing and sales, communications or training and development, the event agenda was independently researched and developed by a highly skilled event sector commentator to ensure it provided the exact information that corporate event planners need to confidently move forward with hybrid, according to Glisser officials. 

“It’s time for the event sector to look forward, and we [were] very pleased to be leading the way with a truly progressive hybrid event,” said Mike Piddock, founder and CEO of Glisser. “Providing the choice of all attendance options is something we are fast learning is essential, and then it’s down to us to execute a seamless experience for all attendees, wherever they are. We [got] the chance to put our years of hybrid event learnings into practice and provide something genuinely meaningful for corporate event planners.”

Working with trusted hybrid delivery partners, including etc.venues in New York and London, Encore, NMR Events, EventCloud and Noonah, Glisser leveraged its hybrid event platform to unite audiences and optimize engagement. 

Hybrid Events Ignited

During the event, all speakers interacted with one another in real-time, as well as with the audience via a series of created engagement tools deployed simultaneously to online and in-person attendees via the Glisser platform. Meanwhile, audiovisual production was synchronized by NMR in the U.S. and Encore in the U.K. to ensure seamless live interaction between in-person attendees and the digital audience.

In-person presenters were seated in informal seating in a half moon-style alongside a series of screens for each presenter joining from a different location, which enabled them to interact with fellow presenters. Online presenters joined a video call where they could also see each of their fellow panelists and interact with them in real-time. 

For many attendees, the event was a cohesive, valuable and enlightening experience that provided an exciting glimpse into the future era of events one that fosters engaging and meaningful experiences for a wider range of audiences, regardless of their location.   

“[A hybrid event is] not just another online session [where] you’ve got people watching in the audience. It’s how do you really engage both audiences within their own areas,” commented London attendee Maya Mhatre, marketing and sustainability director and co-founder of Reset Connect.

With health and safety very much a priority, the event also made sure to follow all the latest health and safety measures at both in-person event locations. 

“We [were] excited to partner with Gilsser and showcase how to create memorable hybrid meetings whether audiences and speakers are in the same room, across the country or across the Atlantic Ocean,” said Garrett Ronan, COO USA of etc.venues. “Meeting planners mistakenly think hybrid meetings are too complicated, but choosing the right partners and venues makes all the difference. We hope meeting planners will feel relieved when they realize how easy we’ve made it for them to hold best-in-class hybrid meetings that fully engage all attendees.”

To learn more about Glisser and to access Hybrid Events Ignited sessions on-demand, go here. To view a brief video recap of the event, go here.


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