Global Sources' China Sourcing Fairs Will Launch in Brazil

October 24, 2011

Global Sources' China Sourcing Fairs exhibition brand is expanding to another continent, South America, where the brand will be launched in August in Sao Paolo.

There will be four collocated Fairs, and the events will enable manufacturers from China and other Asian markets to meet and do business with buyers in Brazil and surrounding countries, according to Global Sources’ officials.

 The China Sourcing Fairs in Brazil will be managed by Milton Exhibits, under license from Global Sources.

The collocated events will be held Aug. 14-16 at the Imigrantes Exhibition Center in Sao Paulo. The scheduled shows are: Electronics, Gifts & Premiums, Garments & Textiles and Hardware & Building Materials.

"Asia's exporters are increasingly looking to expand to new markets where demand for consumer products is growing,” said Tommy Wong, president of Global Sources Exhibitions. “Brazil is a market where these manufacturers see growing interest in their products.”

He added, “The China Sourcing Fairs in Brazil will be the first time buyers in that part of the world can have access to such a large selection of China and Asian suppliers."

With a GDP of $2 trillion in 2010, Brazil has become the seventh-largest economy in the world. Its economy is expected to grow by 4.5 percent in 2011 and by more than 4 percent in 2012.

The economic growth has driven demand for consumer products, many of which are made by China and Asia-based manufacturers, according to Global Sources’ officials.

Brazil's retail sales grew by 10.3 percent last year, making it an attractive market for Asia's exporters, officials added.

"South America is one of the key areas where suppliers have told us they wanted to expand their business,” Wong said. “Specifically, Brazil, with a population over 200 million people, was the country where they wanted the next China Sourcing Fair to be launched.”

Brazil is just one of several emerging markets Global Sources has focused on during the past few years, with new China Sourcing Fairs launched in up-and-coming consumer markets such as Dubai, Mumbai, Johannesburg, and most recently in Miami, to serve the Latin American market.

The China Sourcing Fairs held in Brazil are scheduled to be complemented by Global Sources' new Online Sourcing Fairs, according to Global Sources’ officials.

Online Sourcing Fairs enable buyers to engage with exhibitors before, during and after the physical shows, or even if they cannot visit the physical shows. Suppliers, at the same time, also can benefit as the life of their exhibition investment can be extended from a few days to several months, according to Global Sources’ officials.

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