IAEE Releases White Paper on Wi-Fi and Mobile Challenges in the Exhibitions and Events Industry

April 8, 2012

With more and more smartphones and other devices on the showfloor that require additional Wi-Fi and mobile bandwith, convention and meeting venues’  existing networks are being tasked with keeping up with the demand.

To address this issue, the International Association of Exhibitions and Events released its White Paper, “Wi-Fi and Mobile Challenges in the Exhibitions and Events Industry”, in response to bandwith concerns expressed by various segments of the industry.

The IAEE Wi-Fi and Mobile Bandwidth Task Force was created to work on this effort.

"The explosive growth of tablet computers and smartphones is revolutionizing the way business is conducted," said IAEE President Steven Hacker.

He added, "While there is much to celebrate, the downside of the phenomenon is placing extraordinary strains upon bandwidth and connectivity, which have become vital elements for the success of most exhibitions and events.”

In order the gather information of the bandwith issue, a survey was sent in April 2011 to IAEE exhibition organizer, exhibitor and facility members.

Here are some of the viewpoints offered from exhibitors, attendees, facilities, show organizers and Internet service providers:

Exhibitors have higher expectations about the quality of the Internet connectivity when purchasing services.

Because attendees’ connectivity experiences outside the convention facility are frictionless, many do not understand the complex issues that exist when so many consumers are forced into a confined space, such as a convention facility, at one time.

Facilities want assistance from show managers to eliminate rogue access points from the exhibition floor to reduce interference with the facility’s network.

Show management is more aggressively utilizing Wi-Fi as a sponsorship and advertising tool.

The increasing demand for wireless Internet access could, in the future, impact the ability of providers to maintain the technology required to deliver consistent hard-wired connections and a range of connectivity options.

“IAEE is pleased to have produced an essential learning resource thanks to the participation of members who are both consumers of internet connectivity and providers and hosts of infrastructure,” Hacker said.

He added, “We know that many members will find the White Paper very helpful in understanding the challenges we must manage and that ultimately we must all collaborate to develop solutions."

The IAEE White Paper, “Wi-Fi and Mobile Challenges in the Exhibitions and Events Industry”, is available for purchase at www.tradeshowstore.com.

The white paper is free to IAEE members and costs $39.95 for nonmembers.

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