IAEE, Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Industry Association Sign Reciprocity Agreement

December 12, 2011

The International Association of Exhibitions and Events has entered into a reciprocity agreement with the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Industries Association, providing additional global opportunities for IAEE and SCEIA members to connect to develop new exhibitions and face-to-face events.

"We are very enthusiastic about entering into this agreement with our friends and colleagues at SCEIA, and offer a new benefit and community for IAEE members,” said IAEE President Steven Hacker.

He added, “We are looking forward to collaborating and extending the available resources to members of both associations for many years to come."

The agreement further demonstrates IAEE's and SCEIA's commitment to the international exhibitions and events industry, according to IAEE officials.

The organizations will work together to advance the exhibitions and events industry through the following efforts:

- education and networking events

- member-level pricing for each organization's events

- recognition of the respective professional designations offered

- sharing of research, data, news and information

- creation of co-sponsored initiatives to facilitate member interaction and opportunities for association leaders to participate in reciprocal events.

"We are very excited about this agreement with IAEE and the opportunities that will now exist for our members,” said SCEIA Chairman Wu Cheng Lin

He added, “ We look forward to working together to provide benefits to exhibitions and events industry professionals globally which will allow the industry to grow and strengthen."

The Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Industries Association is a non-profit social organization with the qualification of legal person, consisting of corporations undertaking convention, exhibition and business concerned in Shanghai.

IAEE currently has 21 agreements with non-U.S. exhibition industry associations.

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