InsightXM Launches Event Data Analytics Package Tailored to Event Planners

December 14, 2017

San Francisco-based data technology company, InsightXM, has unveiled a new insights package designed for event planners and marketers seeking powerful, easy-to-access data analytics.

The InsightXM Analytics Essentials package provides a fixed price and quick access-to-data analytics tool tailored to help planners better understand their event audiences, uncover hidden opportunities and identify weaknesses.

With the Essentials platform, users can:

  • Discover trends that span across different events
  • Understand audiences to better design future events
  • Carry out real-time, complex analysis
  • Avoid the limitations and complications of Excel spreadsheets

After launching its parent product, InsightXM, at IMEX America in October, the company accelerated development of Essentials with the goal of launching it in time for the new year.

“We’ve learned a lot from interacting with event planners at IMEX and within the Tribe,” explained Brent Pearson, InsightXM CEO.

He added, “The Essentials product is our answer to the age-old issue that event professionals keep facing: not knowing where to start when it comes to pulling insights from their event data.”

InsightXM joined event technology collaborative, The Event Tech Tribe in June and is expanding on the partnership with the launch of the Essentials platform, which easily integrates with all of the Tribe members (Swoogo; TRC; Hubb; Glisser and EventOPS) as well as two more data sources selected by the customer.

“As someone who has planned many events myself, I know how liberating it will be for others to view key metrics, drill down into audience responses and work with pre-defined graphs, charts and dashboards,” said Marie-Claire Andrews, COO of Event Tech Tribe.

To simplify things even more for event planners, access to the platform is available for an annual price and can be activated when creating an event inside event registration provider, Swoogo.

“Brent has worked closely with us as he developed this fantastic next-level analytics package that I know Swoogo and Tribe customers are going to find extremely valuable,” said Leonora Valvo, Swoogo founder.

To learn more about InsightXM and the Analytics Essentials platform, go HERE.

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