Javits Center Rolls Out Reshaped F&B Program to Complement 2021 Expansion

July 23, 2019

With the goal of reshaping the food and beverage industry for meetings and conferences, New York Convention Center Operation Corporation (which operates Javits Center) has launched a new hospitality brand called Cultivated. Created in partnership with Levy Convention Centers and CxRA catering, Cultivated will design creative dining presentations and high-end catering for events, incorporating local ingredients from New York producers.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of this new hospitality brand, Cultivated, which illustrates our strong connection to New York and our mission to host unique events and experiences that support our economy and foster the sharing of ideas that move this city, this state and this world forward,” said Alan Steel, president and CEO of NYCCOC.

He continued, “The definition of [cultivate] means to nurture and grow, and therefore, the essence of this new brand reinforces our commitment to supporting our customers and our community... The Javits Center is centered around the concept of a future undefined and ever-changing, and this new hospitality program serves as an exciting way to explore how that future will look, feel and taste.”

Cultivated will emphasize sustainability, community and technology to create a more inspired culinary experience in New York City. It will align with the dynamic new spaces of the currently expanding Javits Center, set to be completed in 2021. F&B will be a major focus of the 1.2-million-square-foot addition, taking the form of new kitchens, food preparation stations and 27 loading docks meant to enhance the efficiency and experience of on-site catering.

“What makes this partnership so exciting is that we truly share the belief that convention centers can be agents of culinary change,” said Andy Lansing, president and CEO of Levy. “We’re rolling up our sleeves and working closely with the restaurants, purveyors, farms and community organizations that define New York’s culinary scene, [so] anyone who visits Javits Center should leave feeling like they experienced the best the city and state have to offer.” 

Javits Center

In the first few months of Cultivated programs, trade show organizers and event planners can expect new menus, a new microsite for advanced on-site catering services and a new leadership team, alongside three major initiatives:

Reflecting the Community: Partnerships with local purveyors such as El Dorado Coffee Roasters, a sustainable beer program reusing bread made on-site to craft specialty brews, honey harvested from Javits Center’s rooftop beehives, and elimination of straws and use of 100-percent compostable service ware

Reimagining Catering and Event Service: Creating an immersive catering experience with high-end catering service from CxRA, an in-house bakery making breads and desserts from scratch, and a direct-to-your-exhibit mobile ordering app

Reshaping Online Dining: Reshaping Javits Center’s F&B offerings through additions of New York-inspired restaurants and cafes, as well as on-the-go beverages and salads created by robots

The 1-acre rooftop working farm currently under development at Javits Center will also be part of Cultivated, as it’s expected to produce up to 40,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables for the convention center’s kitchens.

Learn more about Cultivated and changes coming soon to Javits Center here.





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