Javits, Centerplate Unveil Online Catering and Delivery Service for Event Managers, Exhibitors

March 5, 2016

New York Convention Center Operating Corporation President and CEO Alan Steel and Centerplate CEO Chris Verros unveiled the launch of an online catering and delivery service for event managers and exhibitors participating in events at the Javits Center.

This new on-demand, web-based service called Market Express allows customers to order a variety of meal and beverage options through their mobile devices for timely delivery to the their exhibit booth or offices throughout the six-block facility. 

With this online ordering service now available, thousands of exhibitors can dedicate more time to promoting their products and services and creating new business opportunities while on the show floor. 

“Making deals is why exhibitors come to the Javits Center, and with this new online catering service, exhibitors can spend more time at their booths and less time looking for lunch,” Steel said. 

He added, “Market Express will mean more business opportunities for thousands of our customers, and we are thrilled to be providing a new service that increases their bottom line while filling their stomachs at the same time. I would like to commend our catering partner, Centerplate, for their great work in helping us implement this exciting new program.”

The Market Express online platform at javitscenter.com allows customers to order food and beverage options in advance or on demand, pay for orders via credit card, schedule future deliveries to their exhibit booths and review a complete order history. 

Online menu options include fresh-baked breakfast items such as croissants and muffins, fresh whole fruit, salads and sandwiches made with New York State cheeses, brewed Starbucks coffee and hot chocolate, snacks and bottled beverages. During upcoming events at the Javits Center. 

Centerplate will dedicate personnel to encourage exhibitors to use the new online platform and provide assistance.

“The Javits Center is the heart of New York’s events industry, and meal breaks are not always possible for exhibitors looking to take advantage of their time on this worldwide stage,” said Chris Verros of Centerplate. 
He added, “That’s why we’ve partnered with the Javits Center to install an online ordering platform that enhances the experience for customers and allows them to focus on what they came to do – unveiling their latest innovation. So far, reactions have been extremely positive, and we’re excited to offer this option to all exhibitors. I would like to thank Alan Steel and his team for their support in providing an amazing service to customers.”

As a member of the Pride of New York program created by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo to promote the sale of agriculture products grown in the Empire State, Centerplate will ensure the online menu includes local products, such as bakery items from Crave.it in lower Manhattan, cheeses from McCadam Cheese in update Chateaugay and produce from Gotham Greens in Brooklyn. 

In its full catering menu and café offerings, Centerplate offers a variety of New York-based products, such as Red Jacket Juices from Finger Lakes Farm and fresh fruit, granola, fried onions and popcorn from Squeeze Raw Snacks in Brooklyn. 

Other local farms and businesses include Benti’s Fresh Bread and Continental Organics Island Fresh. Inside the Javits Center, Centerplate also operates the Marketplace, a new state-of-the-art food court in the Crystal Place, which offers meals developed with celebrated local chefs Dave Pasternak, Roberto Santibañez and Richard Landau.

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