Making Informed Technology Decisions for Your Events

February 21, 2016

Powerful, cloud-based technology solutions, which are also cost-effective and fast to deploy, easily are available to show organizers in the events industry. If you currently are exploring technology options for your event, here are some tips on what to look out for and how to make an informed decision. 

1.     Appraise track record
When picking a technology vendor, check their long-term history and performance in the industry. Consider their market share and reputation before investing in a partnership with them. Select them for what they have delivered to other organizations in the recent past and not just by what they promise to provide you in the future. It’s important to not be swayed by flash-in-the-pan technology solutions.

2.     Look for Innovation-oriented approach
Ask questions about the vendor’s long-term solution roadmap, as well as their coding and testing processes. Are they hosted on local, insecure servers or with leading cloud-based hosting services? Do they follow a Scrum-based agile software methodology or do they depend on ad hoc development? Properly tested product increments within short iterations can be critical to ensuring that your audience is supported on all the latest browsers, platforms and devices in the long run.

3.     Request a demo
Do not go by hearsay or canned videos for making your tech decisions. Seek in-person, detailed demonstrations that highlight how the solution serves industry best practices, as well as your unique scenarios and processes. Look for depth and breadth in the features supported on a technology platform. Check what’s on offer against a list of all the tools and options that are high on your priority list. Ask about two-way integrations and reporting features.

4.     Focus on audience engagement
Event planners, today, have one of the busiest jobs on earth. Small teams have to manage complicated logistics and resources at a pace faster than ever. They may not always be equipped to handle the education and support aspect of deploying new technology. In fact, the vendor may be in the best position to provide insights and even support audience engagement initiatives. If they service the digital marketing and promotional campaigns on your behalf, then that can take a major load off your shoulders while delivering extraordinary engagement from the get go.

5.     Check testimonials and case studies

Last but not least, review what your peers in the industry are saying about the technology provider under consideration. Can they share reviews and testimonials from existing users? Do they have authentic case studies, conducting by independent reporters, to support their claims?

A careful review followed by a thoughtful decision making process will ensure that you pick a vendor who can be a long-term partner facilitating your success. 

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