Messe Frankfurt's Interior Lifestyle China Sees 10-percent Exhibitor Increase

October 8, 2012

Interior Lifestyle China, the China International Trade Fair for Household Products and Accessories, has attracted a 10-percent increase in exhibitors to its recent show, compared with 2011.

The show, organised by Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Ltd, is being held Oct. 10-13 at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre, with 248 exhibitors from 15 countries – Brazil, China, Denmark, Greece, Iran, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. 

There also are pavilions from Germany, France, Italy, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

“This is our largest ever event and it coincides with many new changes and our ongoing investments to the show’s layout design, special theme area and an expanded On Design Forum with its main focus on visual merchandising which aims to help retailers improve their shop management skills,” said Evan Sha, general manager, Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd.

He added, “This is the very first time this had been done in China, and we are proud that our show is doing everything we can to help to promote better visual merchandising techniques.”


The annual On Design Forum features a diverse mix of designers from around the world who will lead discussions about the design impact on several industries, with a special focus on the Chinese market.

This year’s main topic is Retail Management and Visual Merchandising featuring Karin Wahl, a German visual merchandiser, who will speak on the topic of “The Importance of and Trends of Shop Window Design.”

In addition, Sebastian Herkner, a renowned young German designe,r will introduce his latest designs at the On Design Forum, while speaking on the topic of “The Appeal of Product Design.”

This year’s Talents showcase also is the largest ever, featuring six young up-and-coming designers from Europe and Japan, as well as seven young Chinese designers. 

They will show their latest achievements under the theme of integrated Chinese traditional handicraft and modern design.

The 2012 Interior Lifestyle China show will have a new layout featuring Dining Trend, Ideal Shop, and Chic Gifts areas which have all attracted key international brands.

For the first time, Ideal Shop will display an advanced lifestyle concept, which helps exhibitors to target potential business partners or franchisers across China.

Also appearing at the show for the first time is a theme area called “Store of Happiness”, which aims to lead the local retail trend by showing an artistic product portfolio and display featuring festival, romantic and spring gifts. 

It has been designed by acclaimed Chinese designer Wang Yang, who goal is to create a unique and sensory experience for its audience and exhibitors. Wang Yang also is the artistic director of Interior Lifestyle China.

“Inspired by the glamour of colour, Wang has created two independent and closed real stores and an open box,” Sha said. “He ingeniously spreads one single pure colour upon the whole space, including the walls, floor, ceiling and furniture. The naturalness of the space colour as a whole brings a different sense of novelty, highlighting the variety of styles and exhibit categories."

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