Moment.me Launches Mobile Microsites for Events

March 28, 2014

Event organizers always are looking for ways to tap into the popularity of social sharing tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to spread the word organically about their event.

With the launch of Moment.me, a mobile microsite for events, organizers may finally have an inexpensive option that their attendees will actually use. Moment.me works on any mobile device and aggregates live content your attendees are posting on their preferred social media platforms during your event.

“The concept behind Moment.me is not to change users habits. Let them use what they are comfortable with,” said Ronny Elkayam, CEO and  co-founder of Moment.me.

While Moment.me is a tool that gives event organizers a better place to showcase their attendees’ pictures and videos, it’s also a fun way your attendees can engage with your event much like they engage with their everyday life events.

In the year and a half leading up to the official launch, Moment.me has been at concerts, festivals and sporting events; but it’s also had a presence at the World Future Energy Summit.

Moment.me’s founders feel that any event that has some excitement associated with it, and events where attendees have an emotional connection, would be a good fit.

But even content heavy events tend to have large opening and closing receptions, golf tournaments, or charitable service days. Moment.me could generate a bit of buzz around those types of activities.

While concert promoters and festival organizers may have a devil may care attitude about what type of content is posted on their mobile microsite, B2B event organizers tend to be a bit more wary.

Moment.me has safeguards in place to protect the event brand through their moderation functions. Organizers can choose to accept all content posted and then sort through and delete what is not appropriate after the fact, or they can hold everything posted until it’s approved for release.

There also are safeguards built in for the attendees, as well. Moment.me uses the privacy settings of the attendees’ preferred social sharing platforms. If their Facebook settings only allow their “friends” to view pictures they post, then only their “friends” will be able to view the photos posted on Moment.me.

Moment.me also delivers a customized experience to each attendee. Content is automatically aggregated based on what will be most relevant to that individual attendee.

If someone signs into the microsite with their Facebook account they will first see photos they posted, then those of their “friends” followed by photos of their “friends” network. This ensures the most interesting and relevant content is delivered directly to them.

Event organizers pay $16 per month to host their Moment.me microsite and that allows them an unlimited number of events and an unlimited number of photos. You can also embed the microsite content into your organizations website as easily as you would embed a YouTube video.

Elkayam summed it up by saying, “at the end of the day that’s your goal, to create a buzz around your event.” This certainly seems to be an inexpensive and simple way of doing just that.

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