MUV Interactive’s BIRD Gives Exhibitors Wings

November 28, 2015

A lot of technology companies are focusing on an app for this and an app for that, but a company based in Isreal, MUV Interactive, has come up with a small, inexpensive gadget that packs a big experience punch.

BIRD is a wearable device that fits on your index finger and senses everything your fingers are doing in space. It allows you to do everything you might do on a tablet device such as touch and gestures, but BIRD is remarkable in that it allows you to do all those things while 100 feet away from that device.

Presenters can flip through their slide deck as they walk through the audience. With BIRD perched on their finger, they can pinch and zoom in on areas of their presentation from the back of the room, and they can even open a website or launch a video.

While it may sound magical, it actually is quite simple. Think of BIRD as you would your wireless mouse. Both use Bluetooth connectivity to communicate with the device, but BIRD is a bit more high-tech than a mouse.

MUV combines three types of sensing technology. Optics sensing detects your position in space; inertia sensing determines what your fingers are doing, and wearable sensing determines your proximity to the device.

BIRD may be a great device for presenters looking to create a more interactive and engaging presentation, but it also could be an even bigger hit with exhibitors.

Exhibitors always are looking for that “thing” that will draw attention to their booth and catch their prospect’s eye. Imagine two or three people running through a demo projected onto a big screen using BIRD.

The presenters’ sweeping gestures are sure to catch attention. Booth visitors, always looking for something new, might be more inclined to slip a Bird onto their own finger and take your presentation for a spin.

It is the type of activity that draws a crowd, but adds value instead of being just another gimmick.

Daniel Star, vice president of business development at MUV Interactive, said that BIRD is simple and intuitive. “It took kids seconds, but of course they have the unfair advantage of being under eight, so maybe that’s not a good case.” Star added, “but even reporters were able to pick it up within less than a minute.”

Star did say that a bit of explanation is required to show people how to use some gestures such as clicking and pinching, but even then people catch on very quickly.

BIRD works with any computer running Windows, Mac OS, Android, or iOs, and any brand of projector. A base unit that looks like a small camera connects via USB port to your laptop or television or monitor, and up to ten BIRDS can connect to that base.  The BIRD will work with any software programs you are running.

“If you’ve ever installed a Bluetooth mouse you’ll have no problem installing the BIRD,” Star said.

Although MUV does not know of any trade show customers who have pre-ordered the device, they do have several corporate clients as well as schools and museums on board.

BIRD will sell for $350 which includes the base unit and one BIRD wearable device. However, they are currently offering a pre-order special at $249, with a further discount of $100 to the first 10,000 who purchase a unit. Delivery is expected during the second quarter of 2016.

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