NanoLumens Lights Up Cleveland’s I-X Center with 22 Indoor LED Displays

September 7, 2014

When Cleveland’s International Exposition Center, also known as the I-X Center, needed an engaging way to entertain their 1.5 million yearly visitors, they turned to NanoLumens®, which specializes in LED indoor displays, to provide the exposition center with a complete range of NanoWrap and fixed NanoSlim indoor LED signage solutions.

“We were honored to have been selected by the I-X Center,” NanoLumens Executive Vice President of Business Development Karen Robinson said. “NanoLumens provided a broad variety of 22 indoor LED displays, virtually including every type of fixed and curved display we offer. The I-X Center is now a compelling showcase for our design and manufacturing capabilities."

The I-X Center currently has outdoor displays, but the venue wanted to add indoor displays to make the experience more user-friendly.

NanoLumens supplied 22 indoor LED displays, ranging from 30-foot-by-17-foot flat screens to 8-foot-by-8-foot wrap screens across its total 2.2 million square feet. The displays will include information about nearby attractions, in addition to news about the I-X Center’s events.

According to integrator Richard Threadgill, director of business development at SoundCom Systems in Cleveland, the work was staged during several months. 

To tackle a large installation, SoundCom Systems centralized the content sources and delivered fiber to dozens of locations to spread messages around the I-X Center.  The installed network is connected to BrightSign media players through Sierra Media servers and users folders to sort the content by category, user groups and other divisions.

According to Threadgill, SoundCom already has received multiple inquiries about installations at other convention centers. “Officials at the center are nothing short of thrilled with their new displays,” he said.

“NanoLumens’ state-of-the-art LED screens will certainly enhance our diverse schedule of consumer and trade shows held throughout the year,” said Brad Gentille, president of the I-X Center.

He added, “This investment furthers our mission to consistently improve the I-X Center experience for all show attendees and producers.  With over 1.5 million visitors per year, we also plan to display information on the growing amount of world class attractions surrounding the I-X Center, which have contributed to making the City of Cleveland a top destination.”

Here’s a video of the completed I-X Center installation.

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