Nashville Medical Trade Center Signs New Exhibitors

May 21, 2012

Market Center Management’s Nashville Medical Trade Center has signed up several new exhibitors for the new venue to be built in the downtown area of the city.

“We began this project in the midst of uncertainty about the economy and questions about the viability of a global marketplace for healthcare. But companies have had the time to recognize the cost benefits and business opportunities of a center of innovation attracting visitors from around the world,” said Bill Winsor, president and CEO of Market Center Management Company.

He added, “As the economy continues to warm up we will add a significant number of new companies and organizations as well as announce companies with existing leases.”

Some of the new exhibitors include Informatics Corporation of America, Humanscale, ergoCentric and Remind America.

As a result of the new leases, MCM has hired Lattimore Black Morgan & Cain (LBMC), a Nashville-based accounting and financial services company, to advance final plans for the financing package and structure, while the company continues to finalize agreements and develops additional services and plans for healthcare trade events, according to MCM officials.

"LBMC is pleased to be working on this exciting opportunity to bring global healthcare innovation to downtown Nashville,” said Jeff Drummonds, partner of LBMC.

He added, “LBMC will be providing a wide range of consulting services, including assistance with advancing final financing and investment structure. We look forward to this new phase of the project."

Cindy Morris, COO of Market Center Management Company, said the company also is working with Health Information and Management Systems Society, the first exhibitor to sign on to the center.

She added “(We want) to advance our shared vision of a year-round marketplace of ideas, education and innovation. HIMSS has served as a catalyst for attracting a number of important companies to the project.” 

Sandra L. Vance, director of global interoperability showcases for HIMSS, said, “HIMSS will serve as the hub of Information Technology on the top floor of the trade center where we will host technical demonstrations, conferences, workshops, and customer demos. In addition, HIMSS expects to host more than 100 companies inside an interactive exhibit exploring clinical information systems and infrastructure that provides optimum interoperability.”

The Nashville Medical Trade Center will be 1.5 million square feet when it is completed.

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