New York’s Javits Center Offers Remote Camera Access to Exhibitors

March 26, 2016

The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center of New York launched a new camera system that allows customers to view their exhibits in real time from a mobile app on their personal devices.

Under the program, thousands of customers operating an exhibit at the Javits Center can purchase the installation of high-definition cameras that provide live-stream aerial footage of their exhibit, enabling them to assess sales activity, the level of customer engagement and the impact of product placement.

Live-stream footage from each camera – installed and maintained by Javits Center staff – will be available to customers 24 hours a day by downloading a free mobile app on their smartphone.

The Javits Center is believed to be the first convention center in the United States to offer this service, the latest in a series of major infrastructure upgrades that has given the facility one of the most advanced technology systems of any event venue in the country.

“This new innovation will allow customers to do more in less time,” said Alan Steel of New York Convention Center Operating Corp., which operates the Javits Center. “With this new camera system, customers can demonstrate their products and services while evaluating the impact of their work at the same time. Being able to access live footage on a smartphone provides customers with an easy-to-access tool that allows them to make critical adjustments and maximize their presence on the show floor. These cameras provide a unique perspective that our customers have never experienced before.”

The palm-sized 2 Megapixel cameras can be mounted at most exhibits, and customers will have the ability to download their own video footage.

The camera installation packages can be purchased at a starting price of $325, which includes the following:

• Four days of wireless viewing

• 14 days of cloud storage for video footage

• Mobile set-up on a personal smartphone

• Connection of one device to the Javits Center’s high-speed wireless system

The exhibit camera system is the latest in a series of customer-focused initiatives at the Javits Center that have enhanced the overall customer experience, including increased operational efficiency, improved technology features and expanded food and beverage options.

Last month, a new online catering and delivery service called Market Express was launched, allowing customers to place orders through a web-based portal and have their selected items delivered to their exhibit.

As a part of its state-of-the-art technology system, the Javits Center also offers free wireless service up to 256K of bandwidth throughout the entire building.

The facility’s technological infrastructure can provide wireless service for up to 70,000 devices at one time. Other recent improvements include the installation of a new 1,500 square-foot digital screen in the Crystal Palace, the construction of a second Starbucks location with extended hours and the placement of new green landscaping along the main entrances on 11th Avenue.

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