Nth Degree Sold to Private Equity Firm Gen Cap America

March 12, 2012

Nearly 11 years after a group of private equity investors led by Chicago-based Frontenac Company bought event marketing company Nth Degree from its original owners, another private equity firm, Gen Cap America, has stepped in to buy the company. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Gen Cap America is based in Nashville, Tenn., and specializes in acquisitions and recapitalizations of middle market businesses.

“The face-to-face marketing industry continues to play an important role in the business-to-business marketing mix, enabling companies to interact with prospects and customers in ways not offered by any other medium,” said Mark Isaacs, senior vice president, Gen Cap America. 

He added, “Nth Degree is well-positioned for global growth based on its blue chip customer base, experienced team, and global infrastructure.  We look forward to helping the firm expand to meet its customers’ global event marketing needs and continue to grow at a pace that exceeds the industry standards.”

Nth Degree offers event and trade show marketing and management and installation and dismantle services worldwide to more than 1,100 domestic and multinational clients for more than 7,500 proprietary events, trade shows, and event marketing projects annually, according to company officials.

The company Nth Degree is based in Atlanta and, besides its 140 full-time workers, the company employs more than 3,500 workers annually to implement the thousands of client projects. In addition, Nth Degree has 21 North American cities and offices in Germany, England and China.

Nth Degree President and CEO John Yohe and Nth Degree’s existing executive team will continue to manage the operations of Nth Degree. 

A company spokesperson said there would be “very little change” in how the business is run, both in terms of leadership, personnel or implementation of the company’s business plan. 

 “Our corporate and exhibit house customers will continue to see Nth Degree operate with vision and collaboration as we evolve to meet their business and marketing goals and prove to be a contributor to their future growth,” Yohe said.

He added, “The entire executive team is very excited about Nth Degree’s market opportunities, and we are confident our partnership with Gen Cap America will support our long-term success.”

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