Reed Exhibitions, Messe Duesseldorf Both Expand Global Footprints

June 24, 2012

U.K.-based Reed Exhibitions and Germany-based Messe Duesseldorf continue to expand their global portfolios by partnering with trade show companies in India and Russia.


Reed Exhibitions signed a joint venture agreement with Manch Communications to form Reed Manch Exhibitions based in New Delhi.


Manch Communications is the leading organizer of warehousing and logistics related events in India, according to Reed Exhibitions officials.


In addition to the existing warehousing and transport and logistics events currently organized and managed by both partners, Reed Manch Exhibitions will grow a portfolio of business-to-business trade shows dedicated to the warehousing, cold storage, transport and logistics and materials handling industries to fit the needs of these rapidly developing sectors of the Indian economy.


“We are delighted to have forged this partnership with Manch Communications,” said Dan Londero, Reed Exhibitions’ regional president


He added, “We are confident the synergistic competencies of each partner will enable Reed Manch Exhibitions to deliver effective business platforms for these growing industries. Reed’s global expertise in this sector and extensive sales networks across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the US will be leveraged so as to strengthen the international content of the events.”


The partnership will form the largest events company serving this sector, according to Reed Exhibitions officials.


“This represents an exciting new chapter for the warehousing & logistics communities in India,” said Anuj Mathur and Kiran Mittal, founders & owners of Manch Communications. “The combination of our local expertise and network and Reed Exhibitions’ global connections and collaboration possibilities with similar events around the world, promises a very strong and bright future for this new venture. We look forward to developing and taking this partnership to its full potential’.”


Messe Duesseldorf looked to another emerging market, Russia, to further expand its global footprint by partnering with ZAO ExpoForum, the owner and operator of the exhibition center in St. Petersburg, on a new venue near the airport.


In addition to working on the new venue, the agreement also includes the staging of the company’s own events according to selected Messe Duesseldorf segments.


“The aim of both partners is to expand their own event portfolio.” said Werner M. Dornscheidt, president and CEO of Messe Duesseldorf.


He added, “In ZAO ExpoForum, we have found a partner with whom we will trustfully cooperate.”


Messe Duesseldorf already has 17 events in Russia, though most of them are in Moscow.


“In addition to events in Moscow and Novokuznetsk we can offer events geared to the Russian, Baltic and Northern European markets with our presence in St. Petersburg,” Dornscheidt said.


The partnership will focus on capital goods trade shows with the launch of a medical trade show and then a launch of a trade show focusing on gas as a primary energy source.


St. Petersburg is Russia’s second largest economic region and, with 120 universities and 340,000 students, St. Petersburg is also one of the country’s most important locations for the scientific community.


“Two things always have to come together for a market to develop: creative minds and economic impulses,” Dornscheidt said.


He added, “There are enough well-trained young people in the St. Petersburg region. And the economic impulses can be generated by well-positioned, leading regional trade fairs, to name just one factor.”


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