Register for TSNN Webinar: Three Trade Show Organizers Discuss What Drives Their Technology Purchases

October 20, 2012

TSNN is offering another complimentary webinar from its year-long series – “What Trade Show Organizers Want:The Forces That Drive Technology Purchases” – Oct. 25 at 1 p.m. EST.

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Speakers include three show organizers: Scott Lum, digital marketing manager of events, Microsoft Corporation; Andrea Bahr, special projects manager, Society of Petroleum Engineers; and April Wilson, director of tradeshow marketing, Hanley Wood Exhibitions, who will discuss how they choose technology for their events.  

The one hour webinar will be moderated by Michelle Bruno, president of Salt Lake City-based Bruno Group Signature Events, a content marketing firm for the face-to-face event industry. She writes about social media, technology and face-to-face meetings at the “Fork in the Road” blog (

Webinar Description

Trade show organizers can be a fickle group. If they work for trade associations, their event technology purchasing decisions may have to go through the board. If they represent a for-profit organization, they may be more concerned about the bottom line.

The industry (peer organizers, vendors, attendees and exhibitors) wants to know what the market leaders think.

This webinar, a live Q & A with technology buyers from three major trade show organizations, will provide some answers. If technology is moving faster than the industry, we all need to know what to do next.

Here is a sampling of what TSNN Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How trade show organizers find out about technology
  • What factors drive their purchasing decisions
  • What internal procedures do they use to select and purchase technology
  • What kinds of technology they are looking at now
  • What their fears about new technology are
  • What they love/hate about technology vendors.

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