“Reinventing Live” Explores the Future of Events

May 4, 2021
Convention Centers Add Broadcasting Studios to Accommodate Hybrid Events

It’s now a matter of when, and not if, events return. That’s all that is certain. Change is coming, but in what form is anyone’s guess.

Two industry veterans with as much of an educated opinion on the future of events are Denzil Rankine, founder of and executive chairman of consulting firm AMR International, and Marco Giberti, a tech whiz who is founder and CEO of Vesuvio Ventures. The pair have written the book on where events are headed, “Reinventing Live: The Always On Future of Events,” which they will discuss in-depth with TSNN Editorial Director Matt Swenson during a webinar on May 11 at 11 a.m. EST.

As the title suggests, the authors “already had ideas about how events needed to change,” Rankine writes in an introduction to the book. “The pandemic merely became the catalyst, triggering the biggest turning point in the history of the global events industry and causing organizers and suppliers to be collectively concerned about their survival.”

Anyone involved in events should have used the past 14 months to evaluate their way of doing business. Are companies putting on the right kind of shows? Are exhibitors engaging attendees properly? Are planners able to see the big picture rather than organizing a set of education sessions broken up by meals and functions?

How those answers play out will dictate whether an event maintains lasting power — an onus that falls largely on the planner. See this excerpt from the book:

“Today’s organizers need to adapt to being more than just organizers. Their challenge will be to translate trusted brands, market knowledge, attendee databases, industry- supplier databases, and content into meaningful platforms that emulate and improve what we do in the physical world online. This means hybrid online- offline- online platforms will prompt communities to interact in many new ways.”

Rankine and Giberti interview a who’s who of industry experts in analyzing technology, revenue generation and more in this comprehensive examination. Those interviewed are impressed with the final results.

“This book elegantly bridges the legacy live exhibition business to what the authors call 'community catalyst’,” said Charlie McCurdy, president and CEO of Informa Markets. “The challenge is now with us, the exhibitions organizers of the world, to engage."

Said Douglas Emslie, Group Chief Executive of Tarsus: “Denzil’s and Marco’s book is an essential read for executives working their way through the digital change and looking to make sure they cover all the angles. This book is a key read in establishing your strategy for the future of your business.”

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