SCMP Report: Hong Kong Government Earmarks New Venue Site

May 6, 2013

According to an article in The South China Morning Post, the Hong Kong Government’s Planning Department has earmarked a location adjacent to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre(HKCEC) to build a new six-story convention complex. According to the planning proposal, construction of the building will sit atop a new subway station scheduled for completion by 2020 – when construction of the convention centre can begin.

The Government has so far said the complex will only be used for conventions and meetings, and will not be a phase three expansion of the HKCEC. The complex will occupy a 1.65 hectare site and will be linked to the HKCEC via a proposed public passage way.

Daniel Cheung, chairman of the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Industry Association(HKECIA), was quoted, “It’s very close to HKCEC. It could have a synergy effect.” Cheung also suggested that the new venue should be managed by the HKCEC’s management team. He added, “There would be a lot of problems if the two operators could not co-operate.”

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