Scratchd: A Game That Allows You to Reward and Connect with Attendees

April 11, 2014

Show organizers and exhibitors always are looking for ways to connect and engage with show attendees. Moreover, show attendees love to win prizes. Scratchd, Inc. out of London, Ontario, has come up with a solution that satisfies everyone.

Scratchd is a digital scratch and win game. They will soon be releasing a spin and win game, as well as a digital peel and win game.

The Scratchd concept focuses on three aspects of customer engagement; acquire, reward, and connect. First, by offering a chance to win a prize, you are able to “acquire” relevant customer data. Data such as name and e-mail address, but also answers to qualifying questions.

The second step is “reward”. Once the attendee enters their data, they are given the chance to win pre-determined prizes. An algorithm sets the win probability based on the number of prizes available.

Finally, you have the “connect” aspect. Brands can continue to deliver experiences to those who’ve opted in long after the event is over.

Diana Robbins, vice president of business development and co-founder of Scratchd, believes their game is just as relevant in B2B trade shows and expos as it is in a retail environment. “No matter who the audience is, everyone likes to win,”  Robbins said.

Exhibitors already use giveaways as a way to attract traffic to their booth. Scratchd turns that opportunity into a non-intrusive and fun lead capture tool. Robbins said that she has seen an electric company attract visitors at a B2B event by offering a chance to win hats, t-shirts, pens and even work gloves.

Show organizers could use Scratchd as a sponsorship opportunity. Kiosks could be set up in communal areas where people gather at the event and/or brand ambassadors could walk the show floor. Attendees could also access the game via their own smartphone, tablet or laptop. Winners would be directed to the sponsor’s booth to collect their prizes.

Robbins said, “the world is changing and with digital and social media, brands are coming to expect more for their [sponsorship] dollars.” That additional traffic to their booth and data collected through the app is something they can easily measure.

Scratchd’s pricing model is very simple. There is a one-time activation fee of $15 and then an additional $1 for every interaction. That includes the data capture and experience.

You will need an Internet connection to run the application on the tablets and Robbins recommends making sure you have a reliable connection. Wi-Fi is fine, but be sure the signal is a good one and available at all times.

Scratchd is set up to operate in compliance with both U.S. and Canadian rules and regulations regarding games of chance. Probabilities are shown based on the number of prizes available even when using multiple levels of prizes.

Scratchd is an affordable, easy to set up, engaging lead generation tool that provides your attendees with instant gratification. While not everyone will win the big prize, they will not walk away empty handed. Robbins is right; who doesn’t like to win something?

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