Stop Making Excuses: 7 Reasons You Should Embrace Hybrid Events

December 28, 2021

The event industry has become a poster child for change. Before COVID-19, in-person events were the rule. Then, virtual events emerged to adjust for the world’s new normal of staying home and lessening contact with the outside world. Now, in-person events are slowly coming back … somewhat.


Now that event organizers have seen virtual, they can’t unsee it. Having reaped the benefits of virtual events, like cost savings, many organizations want the best of both the in-person and virtual worlds. To give you a better understanding of this shift, here are seven compelling reasons why hybrid events are a smart decision in 2022.

  1. Reach

A hybrid event allows you to reach a larger audience without increasing your budget commensurately. Think of the virtual component of hybrid events as a way for new audiences to sample your content without a huge time commitment. 

  1. In-person Attendance 

You get to showcase your legacy, in-person event component to virtual audiences, create FOMO among them, and convert them to in-person participants in the future. 

  1. Ticketing 

Hybrid events present your attendees with a range of ticket and price options for participation considering virtual can be priced lower than in-person tickets. Pro move: develop a pricing strategy to include different access levels that virtual and in-person attendees can choose from for your event. 

  1. Segmentation 

This event format gives you the opportunity to create even more curated experiences for your various audiences. For example, your in-person component might have an exclusive section providing access to C-level executives, while the virtual component lends itself to more inclusive engagement to connect individuals across the globe.

  1. Risk Management

Travel restrictions, vaccination levels, and venue capacities are moving in the right direction, but they haven't returned to a pre-pandemic level. By hosting a hybrid event you can transform your complete event into a virtual one should the in-person component become unviable.

  1. Eco-friendly 

Want to start reducing the carbon footprint of your in-person events? Choose the hybrid way of events and cut down on waste and emissions generated from your event. 

  1. ROI 

With hybrid events, you can activate multiple potential sales and marketing channels (in-person and virtual) simultaneously thereby creating more revenue opportunities for yourself. 

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