UBM's Renewable Energy Asia 2011 Attracts 17,000 Attendees to Bangkok

July 11, 2011

In its sixth year, United Business Media’s Renewable Energy Asia drew approximately 17,000 attendees June 1-4 to the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre, according to UBM Asia (Thailand) officials

The event was collocated with Entech Pollutec and Pumps and Valves Asia and is one of five events supported by the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau’s “Better the Best” campaign.

In addition, 150 global companies took part in the show and generated more than 10 billion baht in transactions.

“The event was an enormous success and saw Thai and international businessmen looking at environmental technology and alternative energy for long-term cost savings,” according to UBM officials.

Nucharin Paradeevisut, general manager of UBM Asia (Thailand, added, “Many attendees were interested in environmental management technology, including technology that turns waste into energy.”

He said, “A number of corporate leaders showed interest in the Renewable Energy Conference, the ASEAN Water Conference and the ASEAN Presentation on Renewable Energy.”

Besides a busy showfloor, the event also had seminars and talks hosted by organizations such as the Energy Saving Consultation Center’s “CEO Energy Talk”.

More seminar topics included “Renewable Energy” (Energy Security in the 21st Century and Sustainable Bio-Energy), “Energy Saving for the Industry” and “Develop the Local communities with Energy from Wastes”, which was given by representatives from public sectors in ASEAN to suggest investment in the business of environment and renewable energy.

There also was a seminar on international renewable energy under the topic of “Energy Stability in 21th Century” – a guideline to save energy for the Thai industry by King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi and president of academic conference.

There also was a “One-stop Clinic” onsite that was an all-inclusive energy consultative center with four zones.

The Starter Zone offered information and educated entrepreneurs on policies, rules and regulations.

The second zone was the Supporting Zone, which was about requesting permission or permission forms, as well as how to receive the support from the government.

Third, the Technical Zone gave consultations on technical issues, such as suitable areas for the project and system developer. The last zone was the Finance Zone.

The themes of Renewable Energy Asia 2012 will be environmental innovations and comprehensive energy usage.

Along with Renewable Energy Asia 2012, UBM Asia (Thailand) officially will launch Boilex Asia 2012, a regional event for boiler and pressure vessels that has attracted interest from various countries, such as Germany, Japan, Singapore and China.

This event will be held in conjunction with Pumps & Valves Asia 2012, a trade show for pumps, valves, joints and measurements.

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